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How long will DCO acorns last?


Super Moderator
Staff member
Do you put in peat moss or just plain? Also do you poke holes in your ziplocs? I read through the acorns to oaks thread and seem to remember guys saying dco's needed treated a little different.
I've not had any issues. Peat moss w/ little bit of moisture. Not too much. I use bags that aren't sealed like grocery bag or trash bag.

Actually collecting some today. (this is full size Chinkapin)




Staff member
Agree on above. I don’t get too moist with peat moss. Like- barely moist. Here’s key or one thing that has helped me…. I put in a cold fridge. Like 35 degrees. Just above freezing. I’ve had more trouble on warmer fridge settings. Really seemed to help being very cold.
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