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How many registered QDMA members?????????

Big Timber

How many of you are registered members of QDMA in Iowa? Also, Let OGZ and I know who might be interested in getting involved in QDMA, we could use some help.




I just joined a couple months ago and the magizine is more than worth the membership fee.

I live in MI but my family owns land in IA.


Limb Chicken

I was curious about the magazine since my wife seems to think I have OCD about magazine subscriptions and everything else (quiet Greenhead
). How regional is it? Are there good articles that pertain to the midwest? I am going to join just wanted to know a little more about the mag>>?


Life Member
I've been a member for several years. Really like their magazine and what they are trying to do (And I think its working!)

I've met some of the people at the top of the organization at the SHOT show a few years back and was very impressed - they are truly interested in making deer hunting better for all of us.

Big Timber

The magazine is definitely worth the money. The organization in general is worth the money. It actually has a goal, unlike a lot other org's.

Just sack up and pay the fee, I promise you'll like it.



nothing personal or anything, just a simple question. what does QDM do for the guy who hunts ground that many other people hunt? i do not own my own ground so what good does it do me to pass up a buck such as a 125-140 class buck that would make me totally happy to harvest?? the chances of the shotgun hunters in my area getting these bucks are better than average. again, this is not a question to be combative, i am trying to learn a little more on QDM. i am looking forward to the iowa city meeting, whenever it may be.


Life Member
While the ideas surrounding QDM lean towards the harvesting of mature animals, you should always set your goals according to what you want to harvest. If you are happy with a 120 class animal, then QDM to you is pasing on smaller yearling bucks with the hope of them growing into the kind of animal that you want to harvest. While it may be true that other hunters may harvest animals that you have let walk, if you kill them you know for certain that they will not live. If you have seen larger deer in your area, it's proof that they don't all get killed, and the one you let walk may be the one that you see at a later date.

Old Buck

Life Member
My personal philosophy is if you want to put it on the wall and will be happy with it go ahead and shoot it. If not let it walk. As you get more and more heads on the wall you will become more and more selective.

Eventually it becomes as much or more fun to video most of the bucks you see and show them to friends than it does to harvest them. When you get a bunch of neighbors and friends sharing video of the bucks you are letting grow it becomes a community project. Of course it takes a lot of time, energy and 'selling of qdm' to get to that point.


bigtimber / ogz,

I am interested in doing some QDM work...try to do my part here in Eastern Iowa, but very difficult since I hunt alot on public ground. The few farms I have permission to hunt will let anyone who asks...and are not interested in leasing or giving exclusive permission....I let the small ones go, but don't know how many are making it.....


PMA Member
Old Buck, I really like your philosophy and I believe I will use that as my explanation when people ask me why I didn't shoot a particular buck. Oftentimes I can tell people don't quite believe me when I tell them I passed a 130" deer at 15 yards, etc. I am not even 100% sure myself why I decide to shoot or not shoot sometimes.

Is it November yet?


BT - 5 months and 12 days to be exact.

seems to me that QDM goes hand in hand with the maturation process that we all, as hunters, go through. thanks for some of the insight to my earlier question guys. i'll have to really try hard this fall to "let him go so he can grow".
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