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How many trail cams?


PMA Member
How many trail cams you guys running? Also, how many per acreage are adequate to cover the spot well?

I currently have 8 operational and I struggle to cover ground as well as I want; hard to bump up the numbers when it seems like one dies or gets stolen every year. Between public and private I have those 8 cams on about 1500 acres. I feel I get a decent inventory, but every year I run into a scenario where I struggle to get pics of deer I have encounters with. I feel like 1 cam per 100 acres would be a much better spot.

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It is going to be a good fall!
Good question? I’m going to say 11 cell cams and maybe 10-12 non cell cams and that is on roughly 9 properties.

Maybe adding a few more.


PMA Member
Running 9 on three areas covering 50 acres, small woodlots, field edges and crops. These are non-cellular except for one. I get a good idea of what buck are in the vicinity but that changes come the rut. Zeroed in on four locations I hunt regularly year after year with good sucess.
A lot of factors here. One farm I've got 10 cams on 115 acres and think I could use more, and another I have 6 cams on 150 and think I'm doing pretty well.
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Active Member
Like others mentioned, somewhat property specific on how many.
Depends alot on the topography and how much edge you have to
funnel where the deer move the most, IMO


Super Moderator
run 4 cams on 120 acres
Another 8 on 360 acres
3 on 60 acres
4 in another 120

Couple other small farms where i run 1.

About half are now cell cams


Active Member
I used to run 30 cams total stretched out over many farms. I have 7 on 17 acres right now, and most of the time don’t get the same bucks on the cameras. I run 5 on 30 acres usually and same scenario, seems like the farms are divided. I lowered my number and switch to high usage areas depending on time of year- my cell cameras are still sitting on the shelf in my office currently


Active Member
Normally 1 per farm in the best spot. A lot of my spots the deer funnel in as the season goes on. So summer cammeras do not really mean much. I would say November 1st to the late season is the best time for me to run cammeras.


I’m runnng 10 SPYPOINT micro links on 177 acres. Last year I had multiple photos of most of the mature bucks crossing our farm. I could easily deploy more cameras and plan to pick up a few more if they have a good sale soon. Last year was the first year I started using trail cameras. They are very entertaining and informative. I’m running them year around.


New Member
I will have 8 cudde's and 4 moultrie soaker type cameras out in the next couple weeks on only 38 acres. I've often wondered if I'm oversaturating it but since I don't go in a card pull all the time I justify it (at least in my mind!). I think in the upcoming years I might just remove them completely for a couple years to see if it makes any difference. Going to be hard because I really enjoy looking at deer pics! For any that aren't on mock scrapes I like to move them around the parameter each year to see if I'm maybe not aware of any "off the wall" buck entry/exit points to my land.


Active Member
I run 6 on my 25 acres, and 3-4 on 120 acres of public. I have them out from mid July to late January, and they are mostly on scrapes, rub trees, and low fence crossings.


New Member
I run 2 cells and 5 regulars on my 60. But I run the regular cameras trying to really pick up on deer movement throughout the property. I set them around august in different spots each year and wont check them till end of season or close to. Trying to get intel to use for the next year. I run the cells to try and get an idea of movement times and daylight activity to find a killable buck.


Active Member
Usually average 10-12 on 200 acre farm. None are cell cams. I'd also like to start cutting back and maybe get down to 3 or 4 total on the best plots. I'm still early enough in my hunting life that I love knowing what's out there. Before cams, I hated shooting mistake bucks (young ones) and since using them nothing has been younger than 4.5, so I like that aspect.

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