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How many trail cams?

One in every tree! Ha ha.

But seriously, I typically have 3 on a 180 acre piece, 2 on a 160, and 2 on a 200 acre piece. These last 4 I tend to move around. I also have added one this year to move around on scrapes or other new sign. All are non-cell cams. I could definitely use more as I'm sure I'm missing quite a bit. But I also wonder how people keep up with them!


PMA Member
3 regular ones on 20 acres behind my house. This is the third season and i haven't ever shot a deer here. Mediocre spot so it's more for entertainment than a real chance at a big buck.

5 CuddyLink on my 120 arcre farm. I always have a couple big shooters I target. I get a decent one about every other year BUT I have never shot a big deer that was one I had pictures of. So I guess these are just up for entertainment too.


Active Member
Where I hunt is a totally different situation but I usually run 10 cameras, 1 per 160 - 300 acres. If I see something interesting I'll concentrate 3 or 4 cams in the immediate area, most times that's ~40 acres.


Running 20 some cams on three parcels that vary from 18 to 220 acres.

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Well-Known Member
I’m running 30+ on 800 acres but a lot depends on make up of ground….with 300 being in crops, etc

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