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How strange is this?


Well-Known Member
I'm a slow typer so just a condensed version of what I witnessed just before dark this eve.
Shot a red squirrel off the backyard bird feeder this a.m.
My cat went and ate 1/2 of it.
This evening, he went to finish it off just as 2 does were walking in.
He mostly got done, came back to the cabin and the does walked over to what was left.
Both does picked up pieces of what was left of the squirrel and chewd on it.
They would lick/chew a bit, spit it out and do a wierd looking (yawn)
This went on for about 10 minutes and 10 yards from my back window.

Was watching in disbelief watching 2 does chewing on piecps of a dead squirrel.
They both did that strange looking (yawn) thing..
Would have LOVED to have had video of it..

Anyone else seen similar?


Staff member
That’s insane!!!! Don’t think I’ve seen deer be meat eaters but nothing in nature surprises me. Now that they have a taste for blood- be careful. U might have some predator deer in the making!!


Well-Known Member
Those does are frequent visitors. I want to now finding a good vid cam, shoot another squirrel and see if they do it again.


Active Member
It's been a few years since I've been in my wildlife courses at college, but for some reason I remember a study referencing deer and needing more protein during certain time periods. In the study they were discovering deer eating bird eggs out of nests to get a quick fix.


There’s videos of does eating birds and other small animals all over the internet. The yawn part is the interesting thing.

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