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HSB 610 Nonresident Landowner Tags


Life Member
This bill would allow nonresident landowners who qualify to obtain yearly deer tags.

Link: <NRLO Tags>

The "who qualify" part is long and wordy, but a quick read indicates the NRLO must own at least 80 acres for at least 10 years or inherited a family farm of at least 80 acres and has been 10 years since they inherited it, and the land cannot be used as a hunter outfitter concession (leased the hunting rights).

If the NRLO has 160 acres or more of land the NRLO must allow at least 2 resident hunters to hunt those acres at no charge, for every 160 acres after that or fraction of 160 they must allow 1 resident to hunt that portion. The lands do not need to be contiguous, and they must have owned the land for 10 years.

The NRLO must allow at least one of the following, rent pasture, hay or crop ground to a resident farmer who is 45 years of age or less and at a rate no more than 90% of the current rental rates, or make conservation improvements such as wetlands, pollinator habitat, soil stabilization, water quality improvement or other conservation improvements.

The NRLO must work with the DNR on proper whitetail deer management. They must report harvest rates and monitor for diseases such as CWD.

The points above are the major ones, there are a bunch of other stipulations the NRLO must meet for the details follow the link.


Active Member
They’re checking boxes: min ac. required with 10 yr. ownership to prove investment in the state, conservation investment via crp, etc., ability to take does, and resident permission over 160 ac. All can be easily verified except the resident hunter thing. Seems odd as I’m not sure how that’s tracked. Idk.


Life Member
As Windlooker stated, they are checking all the boxes. Everything hunters and ag have been using as a reason to keep Iowa for Iowans has been addressed to some extent.

In the bill partnerships are addressed, but it may be a partnership with residents and a nonresident. I'm not sure how it works if multiple NRLOs have a partnership. It would be my guess that any NRLO that owns 160 or more acres subdivides their land into 80-acre chunks owned by a different corporations or LLCs that the NR is the owner of the corp/LLC.

I wonder if the bill was written with enough "poison pills" in it that even the big NRLOs will say thanks but no thanks. Time will tell.


Life Member
My guess is that someone who already checks all those boxes helped write that bill just to get a tag every year
- Seems like every session we get a few bills that seem so specific they only apply to a very small group


Staff member
All of this has same goal as a cleaner “NRLO’s can shoot a buck every year”. This just “fluffs it up” with wording that makes it sound more “sensible”.
6% timber in our state. NR’s own a “LARGE” amount of land as it is (I’m surrounded by almost all NR’s as it is in 4 different parts of state). I like my NR neighbors. But- the reality is…. All this bill will do is all but eliminate R’s owning land here…..

Let me put it this way…. For every one NRLO i know that puts in for tags on current system - I know 10x+++ from around the country that will buy up iowa land if we change the rules. Remember folks- we have 6% timber & 75% of the state is “wide open” where deer hunters don’t even target or want to buy (all flat Ag ground). We have THOUSANDS of buyers with DEEP POCKETS around the country. I will GUARANTEE there will be 2000-5000 new buyers from MICHIGAN alone. Same with WI, MN, PA, IL, MO, etc. There’s absolutely zero doubt in my mind we will have no less than 10,000 New NR landowners buy here!!!! Even with a 10 year wait (which they will likely change later ;) ) - we will have thousands of new NRLO’s. R ownership will become SLIM.

Another reminder- folks in PA or NY or where ever ….. $4-8k for mixed ground is CHEAP!!! (Ground that is selling for $3500-5000). They will drive the prices so high - that additionally will price out the R’s. Would not surprise me if mixed ground for hunting got to $10k+. Our hunting land will almost entirely be controlled by NR’s.

We all know how my pals from “Michigan” for example are too…. “Man, a 130” 3 year old is a giant deer to me. I’ll absolutely shoot it”. & as prices of land go up, smaller & smaller parcels will be created. THEN….. IOWA BECOMES ILLIONOIS. A sold out disaster that ruined the greatest managed deer state & flushed it down the drain for MONEY + SPECIAL INTERESTS (NOT RESIDENTS!!!!)
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Life Member
Todd coffelt is the Iowa DNR lobbyist assigned to this one and currently has registered an 'undecided' opinion. He can be contacted at [email protected]

The DNR will not register as anything but undecided. They only register to make it "legal" for the lobbyist to give information to and answer questions from legislators about any bills of interest to the DNR.


The DNR will not register as anything but undecided. They only register to make it "legal" for the lobbyist to give information to and answer questions from legislators about any bills of interest to the DNR.
Incorrect, there are 7 bills currently registered as "FOR" under the DNR


Life Member
Incorrect, there are 7 bills currently registered as "FOR" under the DNR

Damn. I wonder when that changed. In the past they never registered for or against anything. Thanks for pointing that out. Everybody knew where they stood, they just couldn't make it public.

A new director, the old lobbyist got promoted and a new lobbyist took over. I have not met Todd but I knew Tammy and she always took the time to explain bills to me.

I also think time would be better spent contacting legislators, they are the ones that vote, but if anyone has the time and inclination, contact whomever you think can make a difference.


Life Member
Subcommittee: Baxter, Bradley and Smith

The subcommittee for this bill has been appointed but no date has been set for a meeting.

Terry Baxter, House District 8, Hancock, Wright and parts of Kossuth counties. Legislative web page: State Representative (iowa.gov) Legislative Email: [email protected]

Steven Bradley, House District 58, Jackson and parts of Jones and Dubuque counties. Legislative website: State Representative (iowa.gov) Legislative Email: [email protected]

Ras Tafari Smith, House District 62, parts of Waterloo and Black Hawk county. Legislative webpage: State Representative (iowa.gov) Legislative email:
[email protected]

As soon as a date and time is set I"ll post it.
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