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HUGE Bucks! Card Pull Today! 190s?

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Staff member
My Trail Cam went to sh**! It sucks! But now, I just flipped out because it change the settings to low picture qulity, 1 shot, and 1min delay I have 575 pictures (would have had over 1,500) but my camera went to pot. What will Split score? 170s maybe? I HOPE! He's my target Buck now.:thrwrck: I mixed up Split and Big Bohi a lot, sorry about that.

(I just did the 190s thing so you guys would look xD)

Big Bohi!




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Well-Known Member
The velvet is deceiving, but there is nothing there that will go over 160...150 is more like it


A Few Steps Ahead Of You
great looking bucks, no doubt! The best one might go at or just over 150. No shame in either of those bucks! Good luck!


Regardless of score, you have a couple dandies there! that ought to give you something to forward to come this fall :) That pic where he's looking back at the camera is cool!


Lung Buster
I am gonna say these guys are right on as well..upper 140's low 150's. Those are great deer. You are far beyond any deer that I am getting on cam at this rate. Good luck this season!

Remember - if the buck pleases you, then take it! Don't worry what others think or you will just fall into this rat race they call bowhunting these days. Once you take a few bucks you can start setting your bar higher and higer by age, size, character or whatever it is that you like in a deer.


Active Member
Both are bigger than the first few deer I brought home in the truck. I agree with the 150 ish sentiments, good luck!
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