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Hunter's 12


PMA Member
Many of you long time members have pretty much watched our son Hunter "grow up" with stories I've posted on this site in previous years. From his first deer at age 9, to his first bow kill at 13, and the Christmas Buck a couple years later. Fall of 2017 found us sending him off to Iowa City to become a Hawkeye (great choice :)), and his mother and I getting to experience the empty nest first hand.

Hunter decided to try out for the Hawkeye Marching Band, and he made it! A great excuse to spend several weekends at Kinnick, but also cut into the fall hunting season quite a bit. We managed a couple of weekends together when the Hawks were on the road, but Hunter wasn't able to connect during the archery season. So when late muzzleloader season rolled around during his Christmas break, he was anxious to get out there. But before he could close the book on the marching band season, he had one last performance at the Pinstripe Bowl. He and his buddies packed a lot into a short period of time out there, but enjoyed the trip for sure. He's the tall blonde in the middle...

The game was on the 27th, and by the 29th Hunter was back home to NW Iowa and in one of our favorite blinds overlooking a 3 acre food plot. In August one of our trailcams showed several nice bucks, including a typical 12 point, which is pretty unusual in our area.

About 4:15 on the 29th Hunter caught sight of 2 bucks chasing a doe through the hillside in front of him. He could tell they both looked like good bucks, but couldn't see for sure how good until the first one stepped into the food plot. At about 100 yards, he steadied the Knight and made a perfect shot. The buck ran a short distance and didn't make it out of the plot :)

Hunter had convinced his sister Krista to tag along with him on the hunt, which was a great choice, because she always seems to be the lucky charm on deer hunts.

At the time of the hunt I was freezing my buns off in a tree stand with my bow not far from Hunter & Krista. So when I got the BIG BUCK DOWN text, I was more than happy to leave early and go help with the recovery and pics! As many of you will understand, shooting a big buck is always fun, but being a part of one of your kids doing it is waaaay better!! And the post wouldn't be complete without a huge THANK YOU to the landowners who so generously share their land with us even though they are hunters themselves!!


Every Two Year Election Covid Variant
Congrats to the young Hunter!! No red shorts this year :D must have been to cold:)


Cogratulations a great buck! Glad the family got to enjoy the time together doing it. Now if you could just get the wife to go along


Staff member
Well done. Congrats to ur son on a great buck. U found some generous land owners and u guys must have earned ur spot there. Congrats to u all on a dandy!
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