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Hunting in fog


PMA Member
Just curious what your thoughts might be on hunting in foggy conditions? This morning it was 33 degrees and thick fog. Does your sent lay low and is it worth hunting in those conditions?

Central Iowa

Life Member
Nothing like rattling a giant in on a foggy morning!!! Play the wind and terrain….
I see I have a one of my favorite deer kill anniversaries coming up Sunday from 2009. I rattled a big 8 in on a foggy morning a very cool memory!


Well-Known Member
Love hunting in the fog!
Deer seem to not be so alert.

Went to Montana to hunt a coyote tournament bout 10 years ago.
Got to where I wanted to be at sun up only to be swallowed in fog.
I thought "well this sucks".
Ended up calling in 21 and killing 15.
Max viz was maybe 100 yards with most being 50_60.
Didn't have to try n hide the truck which was great.


Well-Known Member
Pea soup thick fog, where you can't see 20 feet, is no fun to hunt in. Otherwise, fog is awesome. The dampness moistens and softens the ground clutter, making for quieter creeping. During peak rut, bucks will actually come in closer to see what's moving around. To them, everything sounds like a hot doe.
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