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HuntnChick's 2015 Buck!


New Member
For those who don't know me, or remember me, I am Bowman's daughter, and this is the story of my 2015 Early Muzzleloader Buck.

On October 17th, 2015 I was finally at it again! It was my first hunt of the year and I could barely contain my excitement! That morning, I had my junior cheer clinic…. (First of all let’s get this straight. I’m not your typical teenage girl. I am the captain for the varsity cheerleading team and very girlie, but I have a passion for hunting!) I begged my coach to let me leave early so I could go get ready to hunt because every huntress takes a scent free shower then does her hair and makeup to go hunting right? She knows how much I love to hunt, so she let me leave even earlier than the time I asked to leave. Dad and I scrambled around getting ready and headed to watch my little brother’s football game before we left to hunt. After the game was over we were off to the farm. We got set up in the stand and around 6pm, 3 large does came right under our stands. Even though I was only going for a 130’s buck or larger, I still ran the steps of shooting each deer through my mind. After the does had left, we both heard a buck chasing the does through the corn. It got dark; we walked out and went home.

The next morning, we went to church and then got ready for my second hunt of the year. Dad and I sat in our homemade blind. We were hunting on a different property this time. We saw 3 does that night but no bucks. Even though I didn’t get anything on those hunts with my dad I still enjoyed every moment off it. My dad and I have a relationship like not many father daughters have and I thank God for it. I have never gone on a hunt without my dad before, but this year was my year.


The next day, I sat through seven excruciating hours waiting to go hunt after school with a friend of mine. We are the two biggest hunters in the school, so he came to video for me because my dad had to work and my brother had an appointment and… I really didn’t want to go alone yet. We sat in the stand that evening and saw nothing but an owl, an opossum and a mouse. But, that’s hunting!

The next day, I sat through another excruciating school day and all I could think about was hunting that night with my little (big) brother Trent. The end of the day bell rang and I rushed out the school doors to my car. I drove home and frantically packed everything we needed into my little purple dodge neon. We quickly took scent free showers and then we were off. Dad had to work again so he was not able to come with us; however this was the first time Trent and I had ever hunted together without dad.


We walked down into a valley below the oak woods, and sat against a tree with a corn field behind us. Throughout the evening Trent quietly raddled and grunted. At around 6:30pm we heard what we thought was a buck walking through the tall grasses behind us. I got my gun up and ready but it continued to walk away. A couple minutes later, I was replying to my dad’s text telling him we hadn’t seen anything yet, but as I looked up there were 3 nice sized does in the field. They were very skittish and were blowing like crazy. Trent and I looked at each other just knowing our night was over, however we were confused on why they were not looking at us but right past us. We believe the wind was either swirling or they were nervous about what ever was behind us. They continued to walk closer but then walked behind us. I was watching the does to see where they were going when Trent suddenly said, “Get your gun up! Giant! Oh my gosh! He’s a giant Allison!” I looked over and spotted him. All I could see was his huge body and wide rack walking out into the field at 130 yards. He was coming in fast. I looked down at my phone. We had 10 minutes left of shooting light! My heart was racing but it suddenly started to drop when he changed direction and started to walk the other way. Trent quickly grunted at him and that did it! He started walking right at us. 110, 100, 90 yards, but he wouldn’t stop! He turned directions again but this time he wasn’t coming back. I remember Trent saying, “81 yards! 81 yards!” and I replied “I’m taking him!” He slowed down just enough to where I had a shot. After I shot I instantly hugged Trent and I started balling! “I got him! I got him! I just know I did!” As the smoke cleared I will never forget Trent saying “Allison look!” I had dropped him in his tracks at 81 yards! His white belly completely showing!

I don’t think I have ever been so happy in my life! I have been blessed with shooting nice bucks in the past but I knew this was a giant! I was still crying and it was quickly getting dark! I scrambled to find my phone! I called dad, but he wouldn’t answer, so I called my mom, but as I did dad was calling back! He knew right away it was good news, but not how big this buck really was! Trent and I waited about 30 minutes and then packed up our stuff. We slowly walked up to him and I couldn’t believe my eyes! He was huge!


Later that night my entire family came out to go get him. This was a hunt I will never forget, not because this is my biggest buck ,but because I did it with my brother. Yes we fight like normal siblings do, but this will be a memory we will get to cherish for the rest of our lives. We have been hunting since we were very small and now I can say dad trained us well. Dad has given us an amazing gift. A gift of faith, love, happiness, memories and a passion. A passion that will only continue to grow as the years go on. Thank you Daddy! Love you so much! And most of all thank you God!


I named him Bruiser, not just because he is big, but also because the scope smacked me in the head when I shot him. (luckily didn’t cut it)

“Bruiser”- Gross Score 162 6/8”



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"I'm taking him" - and you certainly did! Congratulations on a fantastic buck, a great hunt and a wonderful family. All the family smiles are great and I am sure God was smiling down at the joy His kids were experiencing enjoying His creation. Well done Allison.


PMA Member
Great job you two! It's been fun watching all these great young people grow up on here!! No doubt you've got one proud papa! Congrats to all.


I hunt days ending in Y
Good golly did you eat him right there. He's to big to drag. Congrats on a really nice one. And nice shooting young lady.
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