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I’ve created a monster!!!


Staff member
He’ll be 11 in March. I walk in his room…. Obsessed!! We encourage some daily reading time & very little to no electronics. This was ME when I was about 14 years old. Hilarious & I’m proud as can be. He’s Eating this up! “Hey dad, says in here that low temperatures don’t determine deer movement” !?!? We had a chat after I dug into that. Then “dad- in a video they use a Black-Rack - u need that!” Ha!!!
Fun seeing this.
Actually happy bout this as all he wants to do is be outside…. No electronics zombies in this house. ;).
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Well-Known Member
Yep I hoped my boys would be interested like that . . . . . Maybe they will turn the corner after college . . . .


PMA Member
Love to see that. My electronic zombie loves going hunting with me, which is a great break from all the "other" crap. Go Clones!!


Active Member
Boys aren't supposed to have electronics in their room. The other day I caught my oldest on his phone in his room. I started to get on his case till he told me he was watching a hunting video. Carry on.


PMA Member
Awesome to see Skip. If he needs any recommendations let me know. I think I read every outdoor related book possible in both the school and town library.


Active Member
I’ve got one of those. And two daughters who are close, but a little less monster-ish. (They go with me happily enough, but they don’t make me go- I love that about your daughter. Good for her.)

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Farm boy

Love the picture skip.
When my kids were growing up I don't even think they knew of a word like electronics lol.
My son Dug right into this deer hunting stuff too and the addiction continues.
If this little monster starts to get too big for his britches hunting in Iowa you can send him my way for a full hunting season in Michigan.


Active Member
Gotta love it!!! My two are addicts. Ten and thirteen. Ten year old likes hunting but is an absolute fish junkie. I mean researching fish diseases and diet and habitat and and and and…..
Thirteen year old is a deer junkie. Bow, gun, cameras, sheds….all year long.
Very blessed!!!!
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