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I know its a long shot but please keep eyes open


My garage was burglarized this past week and many items were taken so if you guys happen to see any of these items for sale could you please give me a heads up. I had a Kifaru Duplex Lite frame and Stone Glacier X Curve frame stolen. I also had about 18 fishing poles stolen including some St. Croix rods (Avid Pearl (purple), Legend Tournament Walleye, Legend Elite, Premier Musky Rods). I also had a Cabelas 25# sausage stuffer and a set of Tour Edge golf clubs in an Iowa Hawkeye bag (I could easily identify the bag as it has some stains from an deep fryer oil spilling on a part of it). I know its a long shot and most of the other stuff I probably wouldn't be able to identify anyways but if any of these items are located I might be able to find the other items. It sucks to have to deal with this stuff but low lifes will be low lifes and it could have been much worse. This was in South Central IA if that makes any difference. Be safe out there and good luck with everyone's seasons.


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Meth heads broke into my vehicle early am a couple years ago. They traded it to drug dealer that got busted that day. 24 hours later- I was getting my stuff back. 1 in a million but it worked. Hope u get ur stuff!!!!


What a bummer. You feel violated and helpless (had similar happen) Crazy what people will do. Hope you can recover some of it.

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Thanks Guys. It definitely sucks and its made me add a lot more security around the house. I doubt I'll recover any of it but I'm sure it's being sold for drug money. Just hoping someone will find it listed in an area I haven't been looking.
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