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IBA special update


Life Member
This is a cut and paste of an update sent to IBA members today.

IBA Legislative Update

Week 4.5

This legislative session has been beset with bills to increase opportunities for qualifying nonresident landowners to get deer tags every year. In fact there is a bill that would allow nonresidents who used to own land in Iowa two free either sex tags every year. Also there is one if you are a nonresident, but have family who are Iowa residents you can get a deer tag every year.

Many legislators have been convinced, more than likely by nonresident landowners, that nonresidents are the key to Iowa’s management of the deer herd and hunting economy.

Please contact your Senator or Representative to voice your opinion on these bills.

Here is a list of those bills:

HSB669Another bill giving guides and outfitters 500 of the 6,000 NR any sex deer tags

HSB668Allows for a former IA landowner any sex deer tags

HSSB3129 - Relating to nonresident deer hunting on land owned or formerly owned by nonresidents

HF2190 - Non-resident landowner who qualify under written criteria will receive two (2) any sex deer tags. Second section of legislation would give former non-resident land owner any sex deer tag and allow them to purchase an antlerless tag. (You need to read actual legislation) Sponsored by Rep. Wills

SF2054Bill allows nonresident, who has family living in Iowa the right to purchase an any sex deer tag for half the nonresident fee.

HF2014Gives Guides and outfitters 500 of the 6,000 NR deer tags

Senate Natural Resources and Environment

Ken Rozenboom (R, District 40), Chair

Tom Shipley (R, District 11), Vice Chair

Robert Hogg (D, District 33), Ranking Member

Jerry Behn (R, District 24)

Nate Boulton (D, District 16)

Claire Celsi (D, District 21)

Chris Cournoyer (R, District 49)

Tim L. Kapucian (R, District 38)

Jim Lykam (D, District 45)

Mark Segebart (R, District 6)

Jackie Smith (D, District 7)

Annette Sweeney (R, District 25)

Dan Zumbach (R, District 48)

House Natural Resources Committee
Robert P. Bacon (R, District 48), Chair

Tom Jeneary (R, District 5), Vice Chair

Scott D. Ourth (D, District 26), Ranking Member

Terry C. Baxter (R, District 8)

Bruce Bearinger (D, District 64)

Wes Breckenridge (D, District 29)

Dean Fisher (R, District 72)

Chris Hall (D, District 13)

Charles Isenhart (D, District 100)

Dave Jacoby (D, District 74)

David E. Maxwell (R, District 76)

Andy McKean (D, District 58)

Norlin G. Mommsen (R, District 97)

Anne Osmundson (R, District 56)

Jeff Shipley (R, District 82)

David Sieck (R, District 23)

Art Staed (D, District 66)

Sharon S. Steckman (D, District 53)

Phyllis Thede (D, District 93)

Jon Thorup (R, District 28)

Louis J. Zumbach (R, District 95)


The IowaBowhunters Association Mission Statement

The IBA is a statewide association made up of bowhunters. Its purpose is to protect, defend, and promote the sport of archery and bowhunting for all legal game in Iowa using long bow, recurve, and compound bow equipment.

The legislature is being pushed very hard this year by nonresident landowners to change the allotment system. There are some legislators that are listening. If you are reading this you are already aware of the bills listed on the update and perhaps have contacted your legislators. If not please take some time to do it.


This is how it works, good post, thanks! Contact and express your opinion respectfully.
Myself, a IBA member, support their recommendations! I am a past member of the NRC, founder of this website, long time Iowa bow hunter and I was born and raised in this great state. I respect and recommend all committees, legislatures and Iowans to follow the recommendations of the DNR Biologist. I often wonder if Lee Gladfelter was alive today, what he would think! Our deer herd is under a tremendous amount of pressure from everything from urban sprawl to agriculture practices, let alone diseases like CWD and EHD. At times we have to step back, pass on the shot and just let him grow!


Well-Known Member
To all with an opinion on these bills, do your part and contact your senator and legislator and voice your opinion in a very tasteful manner. If you have the time contacting all of them across the state will not hurt!.
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