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If you could pick the Day, Weather, Ground condition, and Wind direction to Bow hunt what day would it be??


Active Member
Personally I prefer November 7th a 12 mph South-SouthWest wind 50 degrees, a drizzly day with a front approaching.
As I have a make or break tree stand, that it takes these conditions to access it. But its on the edge of the best bedding area I have. If I can make it there, in the dark under these conditions without buggering anything up. Almost a lock to be a stellar hunt.


Well-Known Member
Can't do it.
After bowhunting hard for 46 years.
All I ask for is temps in the 30's and a 10 _20mph steady breeze
I despise calm winds.


Well-Known Member
I know Mark Drury likes November 8 and I have to agree. In all the years it seems November 8, 9 are consistent for mature buck sightings/harvest. Most of my stands are set for West and North winds so give a 10 to 12 mph NW wind on a 40 degree day and it’s on!


It is going to be a good fall!
The best hunt I’ve ever had was on November 6 and it was 73 degrees. Two things spurred the action. They just cut a 200 acre corn field surrounded by timber that day and there were at least 2 does in heat.

It was non stop action for 2.5 hours and I ended up shooting a really nice 10 pointer.

In that case the temps did not slow things down!


Staff member
Oct 1…. n wind, 15 degree dip from sept 31. Major rise in barometer. Do those days ever happen? RARELY!! But u asked! ;).
Rut: Nov 8…. 35 degrees. 5mph winds.

[email protected]

Active Member
A January day with snow on the ground and bitterly cold. North or west wind, and hunting over a soybean plot. I see every buck on my farm that time of year (broken racks are the only problem). I'm starting to like the last week of October on a good cold front too.


PMA Member

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PMA Member
October 28th, mornings with very light NW wind, temps low or mid 30's, transition areas between crops and bedding.

I also have had great luck on November 5th & 8th, mornings through mid-day, any temp or wind in funnels or tips of little draws where you wouldn't expect a mature buck to be (does drag them to these spots to avoid the chaos), took my two largest bucks in a location as described.

MN Slick

PMA Member
Nov 1, 50 degrees or cooler, 10-15 mph winds.

10 years ago it would have been Nov 9. The best action has shifted to early Nov the last 5 years or so.

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Well-Known Member
I'm surprised at the guys that prefer such light winds.
I've had great times in high winds over 40 years.
Gotta say though that I very seldom hunt field edges. Prefer real thick cover.


Well-Known Member
Great point. I think consistent winds over 25 mph change the game. You can hunt any stand with winds this high. They can’t smell you. Can be a tough hunt but they can’t smell. Thoughts??


Well-Known Member
November 11th. Overcast. Light to moderate variable direction wind. Damp or wet, but not pouring rain. High of 40 to 50 degree temps. Hunt all day long. Sunrise tree stand. All day spot and stalk, and still - ground hunting. Sunset tree stand.


PMA Member
No question, November 9! NW wind, steady 8-10 mph, as cold as possible.

Me too. ^^

Story time...quite a few years ago I worked at Mercy Hospital in IC as the IT Manager. Unfortunately I was at work on a day just like you described, as there was a "All Manager's" meeting that I wasn't supposed to miss. Due to a system problem I arrived at said meeting, which was a packed house, about 10 minutes late. I had to do the walk of shame to the front of the room where there were still a couple of open seats.

The very attractive lady that was leading the meeting sought to make a point about latecomers in front of all of my fellow managers, 75% of them were females, as nearly all of the nursing managers were ladies. In an effort to punish me for being late, she stopped the meeting and publicly asked me to state out loud my sexual fantasy. Silence.

Being a quick thinker AND really bumming that I wasn't out deer hunting right then...I replied that this was easy question for me..."My sexual fantasy is to be 20' up a tree in a deer stand on a perfect weather day like today.". That was not the answer she was anticipating...and the room busted up laughing, as they knew that I had rebuffed the attempt to embarrass me and...I wasn't joking.

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