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Improving/Releasing Native Grass in Open Areas


Well-Known Member
I've noticed Oust sprayed on almost anything green and growing will smoke it, including native grasses and trees. Oust works best to control fescue when applied when the natives are dormant. Sounds like you don't have many natives actively growing in there that you can see. If it were me I'd just make sure when I sprayed this fall that the native grasses are all dormant or you'll kill them as well as the fescue to be safe.


PMA Member
Well I've been MIA for a while but thought I would pop back in here and show a little update. You can see what I had before starting this little project, a lot of fescue and no cover.

I burnt off the best I could, spread switch grass seed, waited until cool seasons were greening up and growing good and hit with heavy roundup and atrazine in April and then let it be.

A lot of Big Blue came back naturally and now the switch is really taking off. Anyway, here is a few pictures to show the difference. I have continued doing this throughout my farm.

Same place now:

This is the line where I stopped spraying, only sprayed area once with roundup and atrazine over 2 years ago. You can clearly see switch on the left, its about 5-6 foot tall versus 2 foot fescue on the right hand half.

Height comparison, I'm just over 6 foot tall.

So if anybody is thinking about trying to add cover to open areas this was a very viable option for me. Even though I didn't kill in the fall like I should have, I still got results. I have came to figure out that doing something, even if timing is off or not following the perfect procedure it is still better than doing nothing.

Thanks for all of the advise I got from everyone.
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