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Input on 2 3/4 slugs in 3 1/2 inch chamber.


New Member
Always bow hunted but last year was talked into shotgun hunting for my first time. (I know that's probably reverse order for most, but it had never really interested me.)
I have a Rem. 870 super-mag for just about everything bird related. Bought a 20" Rem rifled slug barrel for it and put about 50 sabots through it, all 2 3/4. Found a round that worked for me and put a buck down on the ground on opening day first shotgun season.
Perfect shot, exited through shoulder, right where i aimed and had practiced. Walked it off at roughly 50 paces, so about 50 yds. Never had any accuracy problems that I could contribute to the gun or 3 1/2 inch chamber practicing or in the field.
I visited the Lightfield sight the other day and saw a warning they had about the use of 2 3/4" slugs in a 3 1/2" chamber stating it was unsafe, not accurate and should not be attempted. I researched further and found they were almost the only company that produces a 3 1/2 inch slug and was wondering if this was their motive to push me towards a 3 1/2 since they would benefit monetarily. (Quite a bit! Those things are EXPENSIVE!)
I haven't seen any gun mfg mention anything about this warning nor have I found any evidence it is unsafe. (Still looking.) There are lots of opinions out there though, most of them seeming uneducated or biased.
This brings me here. I value the opinions of the members on this site far more than others I have read in other forums. Any ideas gentlemen? Keep in mind I've already done a lot of research and my mind is already pretty much made up, however I'd still like some input.
Thanks in advance.


PMA Member
I also have an 870 super mag and shoot 2-3/4" rifled slugs through a smooth bore out of it with an improved cyl. choke.. Shoots very accurate out to 75 yards.. I've shot this exact setup for the last 8 years or so probably and haven't really had any problems.. the only bad thing I can say about the 3-1/2" chamber is a longer stroke to eject the shell and sometimes I will short stroke it and the shell wont eject all the way (wow that sounds bad)... anywho... throw them $15/box sabots away unless you plan to use your slug gun out past 100yds, otherwise just use a muzzelloader.. the 12 ga 2-3/4 rem sluggers fly at about 1560 fps, they are plenty accurate and only about $3 per box
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Well-Known Member
Ive shot many deer with a Rem 870 Super Mag and Remington Rifled 2 3/4 slugs... Been very very accurate, dumped deer at 150 yds with it, open sights..never even had a shell jam.. I think maybe there casings could be a bit shorter than the rest and maybe thats why they say that? no idea


New Member
This is what I was looking for, real experience.
AIR, plenty accurate at 100+ with my sabots with open sights, so I'll keep my rifled barrel. Have a Mossy with a smoothbore w/ rifle sights for my sluggers that's good to 75 and I plan on using that if the situation arises. (Prefer my Remmy super though!)
flugge, always slam the crap out of my slide, so no fte yet. Won't count it out though:)
I was waiting to hear someone say something bout inaccuracy, however both of you have had pleasantly similar results as I have had.
I have heard because the shells are too short for the 3 1/2" camber that the sabot has time to separate from the slug before it makes it through the forcing cone. This SUPPOSEDLY causes the danger of pressure build up and catastrophic destruction of the gun. I have yet to hear of this happening and plan on shooting my 2 3/4' slugs. Anything over that IMO is overkill.
Would still like some more input about the subject and very much appreciate the responses thus far.

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