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Iowa Solo Turkey Mission


Sometimes it works out how you planned. Deployed the blind and brushed in Friday afternoon and headed out Sunday morning for the first hunt of the year. As luck would have it was able to get a gobbler on the ground by 7 AM.

Could hear 7 or 8 different gobbles on the roost but nothing within a couple hundred yards. The birds went pretty quiet once they hit the ground. Saw two hens work hurriedly past my setup then heard some drumming in the distance. Then saw a group of 3 jakes and one gobbler working my way. Gobbler seemed more concerned with chasing his little buddies than he did my decoys. But it worked out either way.

Chip shot at 15 yards and unbelievably, when I recovered him he was laying dead on top of a shed antler! Crazy!

Used a trail cam to video the hunt and take the trophy shots. Sometimes you have to improvise!

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