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iPhones for Dummies - general tech suggestions...


Staff member
General tips for phones... from a non-tech guy who got help from some tech-guys on basics... helps with speed of phone, apps, glitches. I had slow phone & couple apps not working after different upgrades to newer versions...
1) Google “clear cache on iPhone” (or android if u have that- whatever). Can see how to do it and why to do it. My phone was a mess!! & full of garbage taking up space I didn’t use.
2) in settings & safari OR Google this “clear history and website data”.
3) before anything else- if u have Tapatalk - if its had any issues - I deleted and reinstalled- perfect.
4) specific to this site... read the thread “resizing photos app”. CurtisWalker’s post to resize pics as u post them here... https://iowawhitetail.com/threads/resize-image-app-easy.60051/ PERFECT!!! FAST & EASY!!!! Make sure u learn that. Anyone can figure it out in 2 mins if u follow steps. It’s easy. Once have that- so easy!!!! Post pics without app & resize in matter of seconds.
There’s ur tech-tips for dummies from a dumb dumb that got help from the nerds. :)
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