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Is this a genetic problem???


Shed Head!!!
Check out these 2 bucks... I have been getting pictures of them on a regular basis the last 3 weeks... They live in the same area. At first, I thought that they were the same deer, however, one has the antler on the right side pointing down and the other has a left antler pointing down....

Pretty wierd... Is this a genetic trait????




i was always told that when an antler grows down like this it is due to a busted skull plate??? the skull on the buck in the first photo appears to be messed up???


Shed Head!!!
That was what I thought about 3 weeks ago when I got the first pictue, however, last week I saw one of them and watched him for about 10 minutes through my binoculars.... It looked as solid as solid can be....




Life Member
Probably a damaged pedicle. I have seen them flopping before as the deer were walking. May have had a run in with another buck, HBC, or just running in the woods and forgot to duck.

150 Class

Looks like one buck, not two, to me. One of your photos has everything backwards, flip flopped, inverted. Check out the date stamp. It is the same deer twice in my opinion. Are you scanning negatives? Reason I ask is because I have done that and ended up with pics like these.

I would say that it is not genetic but it is hard to tell what the injury did and what type of rack he will have next year, if he makes it that long.


Shed Head!!!
You are right, One of the pictures was printed backwards.... I thought it was too weird to have 2 bucks with the same problem....



Active Member
Neat pictures, I thought about the inverted negative right away but was so focused on the deer that I never noticed the date stamp. I am sure there is some psychological explanation for that.
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