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Issue with CVA Accura


PMA Member
I bought a CVA Accura in June so I could try my hand at the early muzzleloader season in Kansas.

I started out shooting 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 and a Hornady 250gr. SST with the supplied sabot. I put on a Bushnell 250 DOA scope and a 1 piece Durasight rings.

Once sighted in the gun is a deadringer at 100 yards, and i consistently hold tight groups. I was very impressed as this is my first time shooting a muzzleloader and really didn't expect it to shoot that good.

The problem: I have always shot at 100 yards but last night moved to 150 yards and now my shots are still holding a group but is shooting high and left about 4 inches, but is still dead on at 100 yards. This is shooting off a bench.

I pulled the scope and mount and remounted, but ran out of light to continue shooting. No screws were loose anyway.

Is this a sabot/bullet issue or is this a scope issue? Even though the scope is a DOA scope I was just shooting with the crosshairs, not the first dot.

I have some crush ribs sabots coming that should be Thursday, don't now if it will make a difference or not? Can a sabot really make that bid of difference anyway?

Any input?


PMA Member
It could be the sabots or the grns of powder. I would susspect the scope last. If it were me I would not change a thing and try the new sabots at 100. If that looks good, see where they land at 150. If that looks good your done. If not, then try 110 grns or 120 grns and repeat the yardage. Good luck............


PMA Member
No the crosswind was minimal and was from left to right and I was up and left. I'm shooting BH209, I read that I didn't need to clean between shots, but I'm new to the sport? I always clean after a shooting session. The first shot was through a clean barrel at 150 yards last night, high and left, then another with same result, moved to 100 yards, and once again was centered. Then went back to 150 yards and shot high and left multiple times.

Also moosehunter I actually tried 90 grains and 110 grains with no major difference. I guess I will try different sabots and see what results I get.


Well-Known Member
I'm not an expert so take this with a grain of salt, but like others have said I would start experimenting with different charges. Try 110 grains of Blackhorn and see what your groups do.


PMA Member
Also moosehunter I actually tried 90 grains and 110 grains with no major difference. I guess I will try different sabots and see what results I get. <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->


Try the new bullets. Are they the same weight as the ones you already have sighted in?

I would still try 120, then 130 and see what happens.

I don't care what the manufactures claim about how many shots between cleaning. I still at a minimum swab the barrel between each load. Then I know the fouling is not a factor.

Also, just for reference. A few years ago I jumped up to a 300 grn Barnes and had to drop to 100 grns of powder from 150. I lost a bunch of range but increased the energy. When I switched back last year to a 250 grn Spit Fire I increased my load to 150 again.


Bowhunting Addict
Check out the website Max Muzzleloading ..... Shoot Russell an email explaining your problem.... he seems to know A LOT about the Accura guns....

Are you using the standard breech plug that came with the Accura or did you purchase the new and improved Blackhorn 209 Accura breech plug? Also what primer are you using? The original breech plug on this gun supposedly did not allow consistent ignition of Blackhorn 209 powder, thus this powder is NOT recommended in the Accura without the newer design of breech plug.

Hope this helps some.... :way:


PMA Member
Hopefully tonight I will get to experiment with the new sabots and different powder combos and see if I get any different results.

Man, that Max Muzzleloading site is packed full of information; wish I would have found it before I bought my gun. It looks like I have the standard breech plug from CVA, going to call western powders about breech plug today and see if they are being produced yet. In reality though I have not had any ignition problems to date with the BH209, I do clean my breech plug after every couple of shots and scrap all the blowback off the inside. I think I read on the BH209 site you had to do this to get good ignition, but I don't remember??

I might have to pick up some T7 and see how it shoots until I get the new breech plug design.

Thanks, I post my results once I get a chance to do some more shooting.


PMA Member
I have the same gun and the below is what I shoot with great groups out to 200 yds. Give this combo a shot you won't be disappointed. If you call Harvester they'll likely send you a few of the sabot and bullet to try out. With this combo I have never had any ignition issues with BH 209. You don't need the after market breach plug IMO. Stick with the BH 209...there isn't a better powder out there IMO.

Harvester Black sabot (smooth) Not crushed rib.

300 gr Scorpion PT Gold bullet

100gr of BH209 with CCI Mag Primers

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