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It's been a while!


Well-Known Member
I'm on vacation til the Monday before Thanksgiving, making sure to give myself plenty of time in the tree. Anymore I spend most of my time trying to get my son on deer and I seem to spend alot of my time in the tree just watching anymore and just enjoying the woods. This guy has some great character and was exciting to watch with a doe for most of the day! Wednesday the forth was actually my 3rd day of hunting. It's been very exciting and action packed with lots of bucks running around even tho it's been a sw wind and 75°. I had a pretty eventful am seeing a handful of does and 5 or 6 smaller bucks all before 9am. I didnt see my next deer until 115 and she was a lone doe or so I thought! After watching her move about 20 yards and bed back down at 80 yards, it wasnt until 330 that I realized this guy was laying with her the whole time! As luck would have it she led him right passed and made for a nice easy shot! We weighed him last night and he was 280 lbs and scored 152 3/8. Good luck to all still out there and stay safe!

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Decap Nation
Heck YA!! Great buck and its nice to have time to hunt yourself!! Huge congrats!


PMA Member
Why did you go shoot one so early and ruin all the hunting through Thanksgiving?

Guess I would have done the same thing.
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