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IW Social Media


Hey everyone! Just wanted to put it out their that we have an Iowa Whitetail Instagram and Facebook page. I currently run both of those and try to post a bunch of cool stuff, mostly to drive traffic back here to the forum. Highly recommend people check it out if you haven’t done so already. We also have an Iowa Whitetail YouTube channel. Skip is in charge of that. He makes awesome habitat improvement videos, allowing people to see things rather than just reading about it. Better for the visual learner.

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Active Member
Following them all. You are doing a great job, Curtis! Keep up the good work.

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I saw this on a forum, looks like Facebook strikes again. Keep your social media options open fellas!

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Staff member
IW’s YouTube page:
I usually repost them here. Yes- one dude with a phone & editing skills of a 6th grader. ;). But I hope info is solid. I’ll post my bro’s 240” on there soon.
Otherwise it’s everything habitat, conservation, hunting tactics, etc. I do NOT want to sell things or push things ! I am not a fan of Silicon Valley at all - so- all of this is very strategic on how we or why we do what we do.
I would say there’s some cool things coming for IW as a whole too.
But ya, thanks Curtis & hopefully they can be useful tools to advance knowledge, hunting, this site, grow community & help folks. And … FUN! Hunting is fun too!!
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