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IW Tables @ Spring Banquet


I've had several people ask.
Best way would be for 1 person to go online and pay for a table with paypal. List who is at your table, and if there are any kids meals at this table.
All tickets will be sent to the address of person who bought tickets.( If you don't pay him you probably won't be sitting at his table
The night of banquet you can sit at any IW table but this will make it easier for Denita to keep things straight.I know it sounds like a pain in the butt. Denita is trying to keep almost 700 people happy and where they want to sit.

Not sure if I mentioned this before the stage will be on west wall in the middle on room.Really won't be a bad seat anywhere.


New Member
Okay, I can commit to buy a table. I 'assume' a table seats 10 people . . is that right ? Taylor and I, plus about 8 others. Teeroy are you in? Ironwood, I could fit you in . . carefully . . . plus your boy(s). Bonker - Taylor said he would babysit you again this year. So, as long as I can get money when the bill comes due in February, that would be great. Sounds like it's $35 each. Let me know if you want to be at my table. PM me if you want. I think it's gonna be a blast. Thanks !


New Member
A follow-up thought . . . if the Iowawhitetail crowd wants tables together, that should probably be arranged early. So, if you are going to go or book a table, probably want to do it sooner, and not later. Also, remember to renew or purchase your IBA membership - it's needed to be at the banquet. Thanks again.


Life Member
Oh yeah! I get to try and corruput the uncorruptable (Taylor) again. Just so you know, I learned how to eat with silverware since the last banquet. Not so much stabbing in the face with the fork.

I'll have a check in the mail as soon as I get your address. Lets see, was that Anamosa or did you get moved to the big house in Fort Madison?

Thanks for taking this on.

The 'Bonker

PS: Anybody wanna borrow a shirt?


New Member
Okay, I found this in the other thread:
Adults $35.00 16 & under $20.00
16 & under meal will be chicken fingers & fries
Must be an IBA member to purchase tickets

Tickets go on sale January 14th – February 24th
Reserved seating will be available on a first-come, first served basis
Seating will be 10 people per table
If you wish to sit with certain people, order your tickets as a group.

Guess that answers my how-many-pre-table question, also.


New Member
This table is filling up fast. I have 6 seats booked . . . still room for 4 others. Let me know.

01/12 update: 9 taken - just one seat left !


New Member
Final update - the last seat at the Iowawhitetail/Team Camo table has been taken.

Looks like someone needs to start another table. Thanks to all who responded. I look forward to meeting many of you for the first time. Others . . .well, I'm a bit nervous.


New Member
FYI - here is who will be at our Iowawhitetail table:
Fishbonker, Teeroy, Ironwood, MCHunter, KPM, ZG, Gloomis, JRNBRONC, CamoKid, and CamoMan. So, even if you didn't make it to the 'cool table', maybe you can get an 'almost as cool table' going.


BONKERS AT OUR TABLE????? Man, I wish you would have mentioned that before I joined the table! Somebody wanna trade?

Just kiddin' Bonker, I knew you were signed up before I jumped in. It will be great to meet all of you.


We'll have people keeping an eye on you,Bonker.

We won't tolerate any trouble makers.
You need to be on your best behavior,No let me rephrase that, better than your best behavior


PMA Member
Is anyone else setting up a group table? Sounds like all the tables above are full. I already ordered my ticket online - if someone's interested in setting up a table please let me know.


Life Member
Sorry guys, all my 20 tickets were scooped up fast.

As many people that PM'ed me for tickets, there shouldn't be any problem putting more Iowawhitetail tables together.

Muddy's ticket is up for silent auction though, shoot me a PM!

Just kidd'n Mud boy!
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