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Just my luck


Life Member
Now I know for sure my wife is out to get me and you folks are helpin her out. How do I know? Its easy. I won a big sack of native grass seed last night at the Central Iowa QDMA meeting. To get this stuff planted I'm gonna have to use chemicals that could hurt me, power equipment that can kill me, fire that will burn me, physical work that I'm highly allergic to and other nasty things that I won't even let myself think about. Thanks alot guys.

OK, you guys gave it to me now you gotta help me with it. The ground I want to plant this stuff on is old pasture. I haven't any idea what the grass is but there is more than one kind. The guy I bought the place from told me it was some kinda pasture mix. It drops its seeds in July and then some of it heads out again in a few weeks. Not very much late stuff mostly early. Can anybody venture a guess what I got? The grass doesn't get very tall about three feet max. Lays over in winter with snow fall. I'd like to get this bag O seed in the ground at its best time. Next spring? Burn down the field this fall? Fire? Round Up? I have a small sprayer, 25 gal. I also have a plow but no disc. I could rent a three point tiller. I have a bush hog type trailer mower. I have the desire. I read through some of the old posts. maybe I should jsut call the local NRCS office.

Kind of a broad strokes type question but I don't know where to start. I can list the contents of the sack if it helps.

I kinda felt like Jim Stafford last night, sittin on that sack of seeds.

Thanks again CIQDMA. Good show, nice place to hold it and good fellowship all around.

The 'Bonker


I was wanting to win that bag pretty bad. Came home and told the wife so. She asked me what the hell I planned on doing with it if I would of won it. I told her I hadn't really thought where I would of planted it. Guess it's a good thing I didn't win... Glad you won it. Sounds like you have a lot of work a head of you though.

Big Timber

Thanks again for making the trip, as well as everyone else who showed up!

Call me @ 515.208.1563 and I'll see if I can get you figured out.

I would attempt to answer the majority of your questions on the site but I'm afraid I would be writing a novel with 90% questions.



There are resources out there that you can take advantage of for free. Planting equip. etc. Thanks again for showing up and congrats on your win.
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