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Kids bow recommendations


PMA Member
I've got a 7 year old daughter who has expressed interest in getting into bowhunting. What are some recommendations for a good beginner bow.?She is a lefty.


Our girl is the same age, and doing the same thing. I am looking at the Diamond Atomic right now. Unless something changes, I think this is the one we will be going with.


Life Member
For smaller kids, Diamond Atomic is awesome but will not go big enough to be a hunting bow peaking at only 29#.
The Diamond Prism will peak at 55# but is slightly bigger and heavier.
And the Edge320 is bigger yet - going clear out to 31" 70#
Three great options that will grow with you and are very versatile bows
Check in with your local archery shop and see the difference


PMA Member
I don't know where you are located at but call Boyd (gunrunr) at Buck Hollow in Pella and he will hook you up. He will work with your kid on form, set the bow for her and keep adjusting the bow as she gets bigger. Its the best decision you can make with your youth bow shooter. Good prices and greater value with service after the sale.


Lung Buster
I bought them from a company on etsy called KPArchery

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Thank you!
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