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Land prices / insane!!!


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I think it's going to take a bit more than a year before the really sweet deals come along. You're going to have to wait until these interest hikes are a reality for newer owners. Once their term rate comes up for renewal either the payments will have to increase beyond the breaking point where the "investor " types decide that interest is quickly going to eat up any increase in land value they've incurred over the past ten yrs. Also once the "recreation " types that borrowed to buy will have to decide if the enjoyment of the land is worth the cost of interest, (the serious will stick it out but the weekenders will bail).


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If you finance a big chunk pre pay the next months principal to avoid the interest hit on that payment. You can’t be charged interest on pre paid principal.

Print an amortization schedule that shows each months principal and interest amount. Pay the normal payment amount for that month. Look ahead to the following months breakdown and include a second check for the principal amount and include it with the payment. The principal will be less especially early in the loan life.

You just paid 2 months at once minus the second months interest.

Takes discipline but cuts the mortgage in half
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I think most fail to recognize what rec ground out east has been selling for, as I thought I heard PA ground has been over $10K/acre for at least a decade. Seems that $10/K for Iowa ground, with the deer here, is a steal for some people. We are in a global economy, China is buying ground here. :(

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China is not buying ground Iowa. Iowa law forbids international owners


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once the "recreation " types that borrowed to buy will have to decide if the enjoyment of the land is worth the cost of interest, (the serious will stick it out but the weekenders will bail).
Spot on!!! Rec ground has huge turnover. Look at rec sale areas vs ag areas (like, “we’ve raised on family on this farmland for 50 years”). I’ve seen good rec farms resell 5, maybe even 10 times. Many that are or could be amazing.

Here’s what happens IMO….

ever been the gym after January 1? For the guys that have religiously gone? It’s annoying!! Gym fills up with excited new folks that wanna get in shape after New Year’s resolution…. They last 30 days and bale. Same thing happens with land. Sounds & looks amazing. Expectations are high. “I’m gonna buy this & shoot giants”. Then it’s quickly realized that’s way harder than imagined. Then the work comes in- all the responsibility. Then the bills don’t stop. The owner doesn’t know how to solve the XYZ problems the farm has. Or after 3 years the dude isn’t smoking booner after booner like planned &…. Ground goes back for sale!! Cycle repeats over & over. Happens with huge farms & small farms …. Expectations to reality being vastly different. Or guys get bored. Or $ gets tight & the hunting land is first on list to go. Long list of reasons but this rec turn over will always be high. Always has been, always will. I love land but it’s not for everyone & the market shows us this continuously.


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Good quality farmland 85CSR+ doesn't come up for sale a lot here. The good stuff is in pretty strong hands.(and they won't sell, their lifers)
The rec ground here gets sold to people from the city. For 4-5k/acre. I'm not in one of the primo NE Iowa counties, But still have some pretty good deer here.

The high turnover ground here is the really marginal farmland that should be in CRP. That turns over about every 4-5 years.


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I’ve answered a couple of questions on the pre paid principal practice to shorten loan life. There’s an old, but good, book called Wealth without Risk by Charles Givens that explains this and other strategies. Not a bad read for new investors.
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