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Late Rut Tactics


New Member
This is my first year putting a serious effort bow hunting after a few years on traveling for my work.
I took last week off and made it out everyday. I saw quite a few deer and had a couple of chances at some nice bucks but I just couldn't get it done. Do you all think the deer will still be moving this weekend and do your tactics change as the rut progresses?


Active Member
In my opinion, this coming weekend until the weekend after Thanksgiving is when I have killed my biggest mature bucks.
You might not see as many, but I believe the more mature bucks travel a little more looking for remaining hot does.
That has been my experience anyway.
I'll be out fo sure. Good luck


PMA Member
I agree with above. It's a great time to see a new buck. I usually am tagged out and just trying to fill a doe tag and be around when my son or friends are hunting so I usually just hunt evenings. Be where the does are feeding and a buck will eventually show up to check them and feed himself.


PMA Member
IMO the week of Thanksgiving is always the best week of the year... Like others have said you may not see as many deer but really who cares if you see 15 1.5-2.5 yr old bucks....Every year I check my cams after thanksgiving and have the most mature deer in the area during daylight hours cruising.....I wish i still had a tag!!!! Good Luck!!!


PMA Member
I'm with the rest on here. The second half of November is way better hunting in my area than the first. And muddy is spot on with his tactics.


I have hunted 10 of the last eleven mornings. Today I finally saw what I have been waiting for, three nice bucks out cruising with nose to ground. The largest came through shortly after 10. Like others have said, now through the end of the month should be excellent to catch a big boy still searching. They know there are still plenty of does yet to be serviced. I would hunt any available time you have, at any time of day.
Keep grinding. If you put in enough time, an opportunity will present itself


Well-Known Member
I had an out-of-state work commitment that I had to schedule during the month of Nov - I took it this week and got back into town yesterday. From now till through 11/30 has been when my largest bucks have been taken (11/19 and 11/20 have been especially productive for me). I took the buck in my avatar on 11/27 so it can also happen that last week in Nov. Keep grinding and be prepared to see mature bucks searching again rather than locked up with a hot doe all day.


PMA Member
Do any of you guys try snort wheezing at mature buck in the late season? I would think if all else fails trying to grunt the big boys in that challenging them might do the trick for you.


PMA Member
Do any of you guys try snort wheezing at mature buck in the late season? I would think if all else fails trying to grunt the big boys in that challenging them might do the trick for you.
IMO this is the best time to call at mature deer. Especially if they are alone. I know of alot of big that have been killed this time of year being called in with a doe bleat


This time of year I like to set out a doe decoy with some scent. Give them exactly what they are looking for.
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