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Late Season Bow Kill


PMA Member
I normally don’t hunt the late season if I don’t tag during the first bow season but with the temps December 23 at 53 degrees I had to go. So I did a afternoon hang & hunt and was tucked in at 1:00.
I was in the same tree that I closed down the first season on the last day and had 4 bucks come by that afternoon.
This was the third buck to come by on the 23rd. Shot him a little after 5 pm at 25 yards and seen him fall. I was under the gun to be home to get ready for Christmas Friday afternoon! The carting out was tough with blowdowns , going down a very steep bluff and having to cross a creek! I had him back to the truck 2 hours later with several mishaps due to being in a hurry!
I knew what he was when I shot him and my first ever late season bow kill. With the first season being such a bummer I’m very thankful and blessed
As always the self photo session didn’t go well!


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PMA Member
Congrats! Killing a late season buck with a bow is a rewarding accomplishment. Especially with this strange and tuff season.


Nice work. Getting it done the first time on a late season hang and hunt is not easy.

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Well-Known Member
Love it Ishi! Great job! I tend to hang up the bow and pick up the muzzle loader after shotgun seasons wrap up. Way to get it done in the late season.


PMA Member
Nice work and congrats. My timber has some crazy blow-downs right now, so I'm sure your trek out was fun.

Central Iowa

Life Member
Inspiration for all, way to get after it Ishi some beautiful late season sitting weather for comfortable sits anyway and apparently productive. Congrats!

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