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Looking for contacts.


New Member
Hello, new to the forum here and a non-resident, but I'm thinking of trying to draw a shotgun tag for either zone 3, 8, or 9 for shotgun in the 2021 season. I was wondering if anybody knows any contacts for private land in these areas that would be willing to allow a non-resident to hunt for free or a small trespass fee. I know that it's foolish to ask for such a thing without anything to give in return so even though it's not much, here is what I have to offer. I come from Mingo county WV. Mingo is one of four counties in WV that make up the largest continuous tract of archery-only deer hunting in the Country. Because of this, we produce some monster deer. I won't sugar coat it. The deer population here isn't anywhere as big as the population in Iowa, but if you have some time to spend scouting and then hunting in the first two weeks of Nov. You'll have a very good shot at a P&Y buck (I've got pics for proof). I do not personally own any property, but I have contacts with a private company that will allow access to several thousand acres of property. Also, I have spent several hundred hours of research on Wyoming game and fish and other resources pertaining to antelope and deer hunting in Wyoming as well as a very successful trip under my belt there. I'd also be willing to walk someone through that process and help them draw tags and pin down a place to hunt out there in exchange. So, If you are interested in helping me out from the goodness of your heart or are willing to exchange info for info, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


PMA Member
You may not get much of a response on this site. Private land is precious and tuff to find when residing out of state. I recommend putting an add in a couple papers in the area you're interested in. We did that to find private land in Illinois and got a few responses, turned out very well for us. Good luck!


It is going to be a good fall!
Yep, head to Iowa and ask permission to shed hunt this spring, then offer the farmer something in return to shotgun hunt? It is worth a shot? Some farmers still allow hunting, although archery seems to be easier as the gun hunting is often locked up.


You might try running an ad in the Farm Bureau Spokesman, as there you target farmers/landowners. It can get you down to the county level in the area of Iowa you care to hunt. You might have to become a member to post a want ad. I've seen posts on Craigslist of people looking for hunting ground/leases and that is a free post.
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