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Looking for small tract of land.

Looking in Van Buren,Davis,Lee County only.Small farm house that's not livable or tract under 5 acres to build a cabin on.Got CASH in hand to make a reasonable offer,Thanks.

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Running an ad in a local paper, Craigslist or the Farm Bureau Spokesman is likely to yield better leads than a post here. Most here will snatch up good deals.

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It is going to be a good fall!
One of the best deals I have ever seen was in a free magazine called "The Senior Perspective". The guy selling was actually not a senior, but didn't use a computer and placed a free ad in the paper... 44 acres for sale for $45,000 and it was all wooded, mature oaks/maples and a creek ran through it and had tar access. This was MN, scooped it up.


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One of the best deals I have ever seen was in a free magazine.....

No the best deal you ever "saw"......
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