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Macon County 80-DWGH88 Farm Projects Thread

A new venture began today. I closed on a nice secluded combination farm in nearby Macon County. For an 80 it will hunt big with good creek running through the west side of the farm and broken up into 4 main fields totaling 50 acres all enrolled in CRP. The contract expires 9/30/21 but re entollment is supposed to open Monday. I’ve also chatted with a neighbor about renting all or some of the tillable acres. BLANK CANVAS.
Secluded rural county road dead ends to the north end of the 80 (allowing access from east)
. Split the 200 acre parcel with a client who purchaced the north 120, so pretty sweet deal all around.
Dinner date with the Ol Lady tonight and alarm set for 4 am to install fresh gate and work on some creek crossings.
CANT WAIT to get rollin on this

Got some no T-Sapping signs up and figured out the generator and latrine system for the hunting shack/cabin. Needs a ton of work- previous leasers left garbage scattered over 1/2 acre- been cans, camp chairs, building materials, junk lawn mowers etc.




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Made big progress today. Got about 1/2 of the 50 acres of crp cleared of sprouts and MFR. 6 hours on the brush hog was rough in the heat but has to be done. Getting this projext finished will get my mind at ease for when the FSA comes out to inspect. Might get out early yet tomorrow now that the tractor is on site.
Really excited about the amount of deer sign on the farm, creeping around the perimeter of the CRP revealed lots of intel even with everything grown up. Next week will go ahead and burn down fall plot areas to get a jump on things.
no fawns were harmed in the making of this production

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Got everything staged and checked plots... need another spray/dry up and good to go on 3 plots at this farm.
Of course they are calling for rain again tonight....
Picked up tractor last night to get back to the home farm. My suspicions were correct that i would have babies sprouted in just 3 days drilling into the good moisture from last weeks showers.

Tossed a few cameras out and less than 2 hours later got a teaser pic sent to me as I made the hour drive south. Maybe all the work will not be in vain.
Been slacking off on posts.
Quick summary-
Dry dry start to fall and finally got some rain. Plots looking good despite conditions. I’m after a really big frame 10 pointer and he punked me out twice this past weekend. A really nice eight pointer that has frequented the farm put on a show for a half hour and came right under the tree Saturday evening. I kept the bow on the hanger because he’s not the one that I’m after. Will post updates after this weekends cold front. Send me blessings and prayers





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