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Mature Buck Movement update post….


Staff member
Last week was good when temps dipped. Obviously. ;). Those couple AM’s & few PM’s. Been way too hot. Think this cold front will get some on feet during daylight for sure. No doubt in my mind. Very hard to pull this off & tons to that discussion. I do imagine most folks will be Nov 1 - 20 hard! Almost here!!

So- my update - some are moving if u really dialed in on cold day but so hard to do if not very dialed in on a deer (again- very hard & fairly rare but possible). On feet for bit during daylight. Seeing lots of scrapes. Bucks showing more dominance towards eachother a lot. Good doe movement as of now in last light. That’s honestly my next hunt when my work load lightens…. Doe shooting night(s?).

Getting close folks …. What y’all seeing? Update as days go on!!!!….

****This guy has nothing to hunt I want to shoot- NO JOKE!!!! :( - it’s ok though. I really don’t care. Want others to have fun season ahead!!!!

*****this was pic before season …. of buck bro shot. This was under that hickory tree I said deer eating hickory nuts like crazy. It’s on a wooded edge with just crappy dead brome grass…. Where I TRIED to drill a bit more plots but Never did grow that great…. Eah too hot & smoked most of my mix - oh well ;). & then yellowing beans to right BUT That buck rub pole did get him in the pic - he sure liked it! ***look to left… see that dark vine? I zip tied that grapevine to the hickory tree- they for sure scraped heck out of it there A3BA26A0-C478-4F49-B7AB-58415CE72E31.jpeg

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Wi transplant

PMA Member
Yup washed all my clothes finally gonna start fri night !! Keep ya'll posted!!! My plots were suffering in early season from lack of rain so i elected to stay out i over seeded all with oats n rye and let them undisturbed. Now time to get at it!!

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Active Member
Yes, finally moving. Hitting it hard this weekend starting tonight.

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Well-Known Member
I'll let you know after this weekend. I still hunted my home property last night, around 6, but didn't see a single deer or turkey. AM's seem to work the best this early in the season for me though.


Active Member
Hunted yesterday AM / PM Both. - Central MO first day of a cold front.

Does still on feeding pattern but starting to get skittish. Not out in the fields very long, in and out - nervous as yearlings are on the prowl looking to chase.

Watched a couple of yearlings sparring yesterday, so things appear on track..

2021-10-21 Yearlings.jpg

Getting some better daylight walkers now like this 3 year old. Couple of good ones still at night but likely don't bed on me, like this 4+ year old in the dark.. Scrapes definitely opening up all over now too.

aa buck.jpg

111 buck.jpg


Super Moderator
Staff member
I hunted this morning in an area with mature deer. I was in tree by 6 am... hour before shooting light. I didn't see a deer! Nada


Well-Known Member
Last night I had a 3.5 year old 8 make a bunch of scrapes then bump a doe around. Soon after he and another 3.5 year olds fought and the winner ran the other one off and snort wheezed. It was pretty cool to watch unfold.

My target buck hit a scrape I have a camera on just one minute before legal shooting light ended last night at a property I contemplated going to. With how overcast it was last night I don't think there was any chance I could have shot a minute before legal shooting light ended but he was close.
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