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Melanistic Oddball Buck!


Yes, my BIL had two black deer running around his section near Cedar Falls a couple of years ago. Never did hear if anyone shot one or not though. But he would see them regularily while checking his fields.


PMA Member
I have never seen one, but a few years ago a friend of mine had 5 or so "black" deer around his farm during the summer. It turns out they were not melanistic, but had gotten loose from an enclosure in the area and were some other sub-species.

I think I remember him saying that the DNR advised him and other neighbors to shoot them on sight, as they were not a native animal. I think my friend shot one or two and another neighbor got the others.


Well-Known Member
Never seen one in the wild but I've seen some pictures of far darker melanistic deer. Quite a bit more rare than albinoism, if I'm not mistaken.

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