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Mineral question


Active Member
I know putting out mineral gets different reactions from different people. I am wanting to put out mineral this year for the first time. I was wanting to put the mineral close to the food plots because I already have cameras up there and has good traffic. My question is does put their mineral in tubs so that they can be removed before deer season starts so that you don't get accused to hunting over a mineral site? I know some say just don't hunt close to them, but on this property there aren't many places the deer frequent that never get hunted. So in summary I want to put out mineral, but not get into trouble in doing so.


PMA Member
I use loose mineral. I was worried about rain with them but it either evaporates or the deer drink it. Dug up a couple pics I had saved. The black spot is one of the tubs I was using.

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Staff member
Really good ideas!!! I’ve covered mine or dug a few up- which is a pain. Bucket or tub idea is great. If dig a hole - be super easy to fill that over before season. Wonder if it needs a few tiny holes in bottom to drain moisture?


Active Member
What I settled on is using the rubber feed pans that are about a foot deep. They won't hold as much mineral, but they will be in easy to access locations. I figured with those rubber pans I shouldn't have to worry about getting moisture in them and freezing/breaking. I guess time will tell. I mixed some dried molasses in with the mineral to hopefully get them interested.
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