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Misha got it started.


Active Member
This is the first year that the kids have not been playing soccer, so weekends are a little more open to hunt. Misha was up the first weekend. The first morning, I always like to have a little extra time to make sure I have everything ready to go. We were on stand by 6 for a 6:33 opening, so not bad. Beautiful morning to be out. It was super still though. I spotted a doe heading up the edge of the treeline that we were in and got Misha ready to go. Gun up, and even hammer cocked before she got there. He's good on trigger control, so I was comfortable with that. She wandered along, and ended up broadside to us at maybe 5 yards. He had to shift the MZ slightly on the rail and she heard it slide, and pegged us in the tree. but it was too late as he was ready to go.
He squeezed the trigger and she was off. Due to the tree positions, I could not see her, but Misha was able to see her go down. My goal with the boys is to have them taking ethical shots and his was perfect.
Alik is up next weekend, but always good to start the year with some meat in the freezer.20200919_101240.jpg


Staff member
Jackpot, well done, especially under pressure!!! Thought it was a shot to the head at 1st ;) Perfect!!!
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