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Morels??? Update..


Staff member
Been too busy to look. Just got: rain + heat. Have to be out to some extent. Troubling how cold & dry previously.
where do we sit now for timeline & how morel season shaping out to be? Finding them? Going to look?


Active Member
Been dry here for two weeks, still managed to find one tree that popped up 40-50 nice big greys on tuesday. Looks like some widespread rain late this weekend, that should get them growing next week.


Active Member
Found enough for a couple meals Wednesday, but it's dry.
Also found this one, anyone that can id it for me? Edible?IMG_30042021_211457_(540_x_540_pixel).jpg


  • IMG_30042021_211553_(540_x_540_pixel).jpg
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Super Moderator
Been hammering them here. Found 8lbs Sunday and Monday last week and at least that many yesterday. 2 weeks ago made quite the haul on greys too in the snow, that was pretty fun!!!


Land of the Whitetail
I found a few while turkey hunting. Ground in the timber was super dry, the morels I found were pretty drew themselves.


Well-Known Member
My niece and her husband were at our farm on Sunday and snagged a few.

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