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Historically, when I pick the first batch of asparagus, that tells me to start hunting morels. I got a huge batch of asparagus today, big beefy spears. I was a little late, as a couple of spears had turned woody quite a ways up. Anybody finding mushrooms in the Cedar/Johnson County area? Good amount of moisture and temps trending into the 80's next week ought to get things popping.


Active Member
Headed out this weekend and next week to look. I'm in the Madison/Clarke county areas. Conditions sure look to be setting up nicely!


PMA Member
I plan to make my first Morel hunt ever next week, got a bunch of Asparagus the past couple days. I always seem too busy to look this time of year, going to try spreading some Morel spores I purchased but the results may take until next year or the year after from what I read? Anyone ever try that?


Found three pounds last night in under an hour. Found a handful today while mowing at work, peep the one that got hit by the mower before I saw them.

They seem to be anywhere and everywhere this year. This is my first time finding them by myself. I only found my first one a couple years ago and none since until last night.




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PMA Member
I only wish! I have yet to find any but it's my 1st attempt. I saw this today, 200#'s of morels that two guys found in Iowa.

Just wrong, only because I'm jealous ;)


Land of the Whitetail
I found three literally in the parking lot of a public hunting piece Wednesday after work. They were growing up out of the gravel/grass within the parking lot.
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