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Mornings or evening: the second half


Premium Platinum Member
As we approach the second half of November, which do you seem to have more success hunting?


Well-Known Member
Everything I have seen on my trail camera this past week has said morning, lots of movement until 10am or so but the biggest buck I got was at 11:30am. I hunted today from 1-3pm and had a small buck chasing a doe and another little buck cruising though.


Well-Known Member
I'd say this is when the majority of your mid day action happens. At least from what I've seen personally and what my camera's are telling me. Suppose to be warm and rainy this weekend, id say your best bet would be to slip in early sit until noon.


Historically, when I still have a tag to fill in November, like this year (that discussion is off the table) I have had most success between 10 a/m and 3p/m although I have had action throughout the day. I suppose it really depends on your set-up.


PMA Member
Late November I have always seen the most action during the mornings, which usually makes me tweak my setup for the evening and kill during that night. It has happened the last two years. I'd rather be out in the morning.


PMA Member
Mornings waaaay better in our area. Even late mornings in the 10-1 time frame have shown nice deer on their feet. Good luck all :way:

Pulled some cards on my way in for lunch today. Our #1 buck was running around all day yesterday. 7 am, 11:30 am, 2:30 pm...also had a ton of bucks cruising mid day. Seems to be the time right now.
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