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Most Overrated Hunting Personality


My vote would probably go to Jay Gregory, never been impressed with a single one of his shows. I don't care for the Bone Collector crew either (haven't watched a show for over a year), but I think they were decent hunters...just wanted to puke every time they forced a product in a situation.

Most underrated - Bill Winke, hands down.


New Member
I enjoy watching a few different hunting shows. Favorite personalities/ shows = Major League Bowhunter with Jeff Danker Matt Duff and Chipper Jones. Also I enjoy watching Fred Eichler, simply because he doesn't trophy hunt, he hunts for meat and the thrill of the hunt. Also John( burly guy from Muzzy Tv). Hes always got something funny to say. Also Tom Miranda. I agree with the fact that to many tv personalities push products to hard but I guess it's what they have to do to keep sponsors happy.

Dislikes= Dick Scorzafava aka weirdo from cudde backs radical hunter, Jay Gregory and Ozonics ;-) also the guy from the flyway highway his voice makes me want to rip my hair out.
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Active Member
I don't have Outdoors channel so don't get a big sample size to judge, but I'd go with Greg Miller - Wisconsin as underrated.

Still enjoy Stan Potts's enthusiasm. I met a few of these guys and got good impressions of about all. Probably because of the nature of the sport.
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PMA Member
The most unwatchable: The Bone Collector Crew including Waddell and Lee & Tiffany. Just got sick of 8 min of show and 22 min of pumping the new products they endorse.

Really Like Major League Bow Hunting and Jim Shockey. :way:


Non-typ. said:
The young & restless hands down is the best.

I concur, a little. The only thing is that some of it just seems so contrived and artificial. I mean, I want to believe but just always can't. Like that time Jose found Rachel in the deer stand with Marcy, like that would ever happen?


New Member
i like the informative shows like midwest whitetail, majior league bowhunter, or even whitetail properties because they are informative..some of the people i dont like are the busbice boys, (lets just pour out a bag of this feed and shoot a big buck while he is eating it!) must be hard to do that


PMA Member
i can't stand Jim Shockey!!
his daughter on the other hand....I'd like to get to know her better!


Well-Known Member
I think they're all overrated except for Midwest Whitetail. I can watch that stuff all day. I used to be a Drury fan years ago when they first started but now their shows are like watching one long commercial. Most of the shows on TV are just laughable like the Dropzone and the deer head on fire and dipping up and down, just hilarious. I'm embarrassed for them.
I really like watching the Drury Outdoors shows. Can't stand the crush or whitetail freaks. Nothing is better than the movies that the Drury's put out.


PMA Member
I don't watch enough to really comment but I do agree with some of the previous posts that bill winke is WAY too underrated. I didn't even know who he was until last year when I happened to stumble upon midwest whitetail. Prime online hunting show right there!


It is going to be a good fall!
I watched a show the other day where the guy was sneaking up on a herd of fenced buffalo. Where is the remote (change the channel)!


New Member
Michael Waddell is getting hard to watch now too. He is the Hannah Montana of the hunting business, nothing that doesn't have his name on it. He does seem like a good guy though. Saw where he has his new "girlfriend" (womacks ex) hunting with him on BC now.


Well-Known Member
Couple I really enjoy, midwest whitetail, whitetailsinc ( gotta love Todd class act, down to earth deer freak) anything drury. Can't stand the commercialism that has taken place of quality hunting DVDs. Anything bone collector, realtree monster bucks, hs prime times bucks-all a joke. I understand pimping your products its how they feed their families but give it a break. 25 mins of comercials and 5 mins of "hunting" is a bit ridiculous.


Overrated- waddell
Some of my favorites Steve Snow and Ron Skoronski. Also the guy from relentless pursuit, I can't think of his name at the moment.
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