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Most Overrated Hunting Personality


The two worst shows I can think of would definitely be whitetail slam and monster trophy whitetails. Both are ridiculous crap. Midwest whitetail is hands down best on tv


Come 'on Next Season....
I like Midwest Whitetail and Heartland Bowhunter. HB has gotten a little more commercialized after they started winning TV awards but still not nearly as bad as others. They are generally about the hunt, the comradery with fellow hunters, exposing and teaching youth to hunting, and they don't always end up shooting the giant buck on the farm "on the last evening" like so many other shows seem to have happen so conveniently. Sometimes they get blanked, sometimes they shoot a "normal" buck, sometimes they do get good ones. HB does great film work too, and ditto everyone else on Mr. Winke, very informative excellent show.
Chris brackett has got to be the hardest person to watch, hearing him scream fear no evil every time he shoots something is ridiculous. I envision him being that guy in high school that went out for football every year and ran around screaming but never actually played. I literally cannot stand watching him.... Midwest Whitetail hands down the best.


PMA Member
westpointhunter said:
Most Underrated - Steve Snow

Most Overrated - Stan Potts

I have to agree with Steve Snow. I used to watch all the Hunter Specialties Primetime Bucks and he has killed some monsters. He seems like a genuine guy who does things the right way. Too bad he's not as popular as some of the other guys.


bowhunt or die
I agree with cant stand monster trophy whitetails. I really like bowhunt or die but not on tv. Look it up on iTunes or bowhunting.com
Overrated- waddell
Some of my favorites Steve Snow and Ron Skoronski. Also the guy from relentless pursuit, I can't think of his name at the moment.

Tim Wells. I like his show also. I remember an episode where he stalked a buck in super tall grass, shot him at 15 yards. It was impressive.

Also Midwest Whitetail is a great show.


PMA Member
I would have to say some of the best work I have seen comes from an amateur. Thomas Allen IV. He don't do a lot but video quality and editing is always top notch.


A Few Steps Ahead Of You
I would have to say some of the best work I have seen comes from an amateur. Thomas Allen IV. He don't do a lot but video quality and editing is always top notch.

Thanks.... I think.... :grin:




Plus one on Winke. I also like The Crush and Kisky's Whitetail Freaks. I hate Monster Trophy Whitetails with Dr. Jimmy Steger. It's all high fence and he is a tard.


New Member
My DVR only records drury shows, lee and Tiffany, Midwest whitetail, and the kiskys, nothing else is really worth watching. Pisses me off to watch these other shows where ppl go from outfitter to outfitter hunting deer, or whatever they're hunting, I like the kiskys, Drurys, lee and Tiffany, and bill winke because they have they're own farms, and they manage the deer, and they give u a history of the animals they kill. Also they give good advice about foodplots and other strategies.


Super Moderator
I have to admit I am cannot stand that new wildgame innovations show, that dude is truly messed up and the whole show is just not entertaining nor informative. I also dislike Nugent in terms of hunting. He has done a lot for our sport but he has a terrible show.

Midwest Whitetails is a great show. I actually really like Potts show Dominant Bucks, mainly because there is generally 10 minutes of informative tips and not just shooting deer for 2 minutes and 20 minutes of advertising.



PMA Member
Dr. Deer, though informative, is the Vincent Price of the hunting world. The guy just creeps me out! :D Stan Potts needs to lay off the coffee & 5 hr energy before he has a stroke! If I had to sit around a fire with any of them I think Waddell would be a hoot to hang with, though I'm not a big fan of his shows. Tim Wells "Relentless Pursuit" seem about as back-woods and down to earth as it gets and he adds a comical element to his shows that I like. He also spend a ton of time with his kids and you can tell they are having a blast! Keith Warren should not even be in this category, can't stand the guy. Midwest Whitetail, Bill & his crew do a great job and kill some private land giants year in and year out. Hands down the best show around. :way:


I've hardly ever watched these shows so can't make much of a judgement statement.

About the only show I'm familiar with is Winke's on line weekly program. The price is right! ;)


Whitetail Properties is the only show I DVR. Lots of good tips and great history. I think Dan Perez is one of the most knowledgable folks out there on Whitetail.


PMA Member
Most Overrated: Wildgame Innovations, Roger Raglin(too much high fence), Keith Warren(high fence again), Hunting the World Southern Style(not sure if is still on)

Most Underrated: Bill Winkie, Steve Snow, Cody Robbins, & Adam Hayes

Best Production: Drury's - love em or hate em their shows are very well put together


Active Member
I've hardly ever watched these shows so can't make much of a judgement statement.

About the only show I'm familiar with is Winke's on line weekly program. The price is right! ;)

Randy, check out WWW.muddy.tv. might find something you like. And at your price!


Well-Known Member
Midwest Whitetail is obviously one of the better ones. I kind of like In Pursuit with Greg Miller and how they always show a nice aerial view after the hunt of how it went down. Driven TV is probably my next favorite because I like to look at Nicole......

Monster Trophy Whitetails is the absolute worst show on any outdoor network.....closely followed by Hand Parker 3D.

The only other one to throw in would be Adrenaline Junkies....the show isn't too bad but they have to stop letting the son talk so much....I know he is just a kid but he is ANNOYING!!!!!!! :D


Miles Coffin
There are a bunch.. I totally agree with Monster Trophy Whitetail's. I do record it, but ffwd to the last 5 minutes and see which high fence deer he actually shoots. Really any show where the host starts spewing out their sponsors 5 seconds after the shot or has a catch phrase.

I still watch the shows though, just get disgusted with the Production of the show. I really like all the Predator hunting shows that are on now. Love watching all those Yotes getting dumped and has inspired me to actually start looking at rifles and gear to do that some this year. Looks like a blast and lord knows we could use a reduction in population in Iowa.
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