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Mountain Lion-The Curse of the Longwalker


Everybody else hit it on the head. Awesome story. Awesome pictures. Awesome perseverance. Awesome cat. Just awesome.

And Good luck with the little one on the way!!


New Member
Awesome story, awesome pictures and an awesome cat. Your story has to be the best one that I have ever read on any forum. Congrats.


PMA Member
What a story and pics! Congrats. I've been a coon hunter for over 35 years of my life and always thought that would be the ultimate hound hunt. Now I have no doubt.


:D:DThat story and those pics is EXACTLY the reason I joined this website. A cougar hunt is something I will probably never get to do and between the kickass pics and the storyline, I basically just lived it. Thank you very much.:D:D Sweet story and what a monster cat!

Best post in a long time (not that ive been here very long).

BTW congrats on the little one!:drink2:


I hunt days ending in Y
It may have taken you awhile but what a reward. Although you know every trip out was the cat's meow. Way to stay with your dream. Awesome hunt,cat, and don't forget the hounds. There is a life away from whitetail. Congrats.


PMA Member
Congrats on the cat and especially the one to arrive Eyad... :way:

One of the best stories I've read in a very long time....wow...thanks for sharing. Worth the read and magazine worthy for sure! :way:


Well-Known Member
Three words... Best story EVER!

Thank you so much for sharing. The pictures were amazing and the story was even better!


Well-Known Member
Thanks for the privilege of reading and at some level sharing your hunt of a lifetime. Awesome images and animal.
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The best post I've ever read Period! I felt like i was right by your side the whole time! WOW! One amazing story and A BRUTE of a Tom! CONGRATS on the new Arrival!

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