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Multiflora rose/oriental bittersweet removal?


New Member
I have a couple acres of timber that was heavily damaged by the Derecho in 2020 and multiflora rose and oriental bittersweet have become over run in spots. What is the best solution for treating these invasives? I am able to brush cut the multiflora rose down but what should I be spraying on it to eradicate it and where would I purchase it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Staff member
I was doing some light bedtime reading the other night…. The garlon 4 label. Says u can drench the stems now. Dunno if effective or not. I did a bunch to try to see how it works.
Others….. I cut em & treated ends. Which I know that works.
The best thing - if a guy could get hands on it …. Graft rose rosette diseased plants onto MFR. it’s a virus. Wouldn’t wanna do it if u had a field full of roses near by ;). But it’s pretty darn effective. Takes a few years but could decimate a farm of this plague. I wiped MFR off the landscape on farm in Se iowa. Lot less work. Different tactic using biological solutions & those interested could get information & seek some expertise on it.


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Staff member
The garlon 4 label. Says u can drench the stems now. Dunno if effective or not.
Def effective. That's basically the same as a basal bark application on a tree. It just takes more herbicide than mowing or fire first.

What I see alot of is they get so big and thick and nasty that you cant even get to them without mowing or burning them first. If smaller, can def skip that step.


I recently did another round of research on this issue and landed on basal bark spraying as the most effective/efficient method for eliminating both MFR and honeysuckle. I have personally used pulling, cut and spray, and foliar spraying methods in the past but will likely exclusively use this method if the results are satisfactory. Here is a link if you want to "dig in" : grasslandnetwork

Last weekend I used this method and put together the recommended 20% Triclopyr (Garlon 4)/80% basal oil carrier mix to stem spray MFR and bush honeysuckle. [Note: my mix was 20% of Garlon 4, not 20% of the active ingredient]. I bought a birchmeier 2.5 gallon sprayer to use with this mix as it supposedly has better internal components to stand up to the basal oil carrier. I have been impressed so far and the size seems perfect.

I did find it difficult to avoid overspraying as no matter how I adjusted the tip my target stems were too small to avoid my spray mix getting to the ground. If this method works, it is much easier and efficient compared to cut and spray methods or even foliar spraying (especially if MFR or BH has large crown.) Additionally, this method is supposedly effective year round, if so, its even more appealing in my book as I don't need to be dealing with ticks or pressuring the land nearer hunting season.

I will report back to IW the results of my spraying and more information if I get a good kill and don't have too much collateral damage. It is also worth mentioning that the costs of the herbicide, basal carrier, and sprayer varied wildly so its worth spending some time locating the best price.
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Rut Nut

The latest issue of then Iowa DNR magazine had an article on controlling oriental bittersweet. I actually had not heard of it before. My farm is overrun with honeysuckle so probably no room for bittersweet. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.


PMA Member
Oriental bittersweet will grow very well amongst honeysuckle! I’ve got plenty of both in my woods! Oriental bittersweet is some nasty stuff. Get a handle on that early on if you have a chance! I’ve been fairly happy with Crossbow herbicide (triclopyr and 2,4D) for bittersweet, honeysuckle and miltifloral rose, but it’s still a never ending battle.

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