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Muzzleloader scope


Active Member
I’m in the market for a new muzzleloader scope to put on my knight .50 cal. I was looking at the Nikon P3 last year but I now see it has been discontinued. Any recommendations on a scope to put on?


PMA Member
You can get a leupold vxr patrol with firedot for $600 at optics planet. I got a couple on sale at Cabelas when they were $400
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Brett Morris

PMA Member
The best you can afford IMO. Every optic I own is Vortex. Customer Service is unmatched. I m own 3 pairs of their binos, spotting scope, rangefinder, and 4 scopes. Any issue it’s replaced completely free of charge. And the products themselves have been great.


Leupold makes a 2x7 for muzzy, I find this is quite adequate and can’t beat the lifetime warranty.

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Super Moderator
Staff member
I'm not doubting your opinion one bit, but was curious as to why? I have bdc nikon stuff and have been pleased. Have they changed in quality or something in the last 10 years?
I don't think they have kept up. I think there is better quality glass. Best thing I can say is they have a good warranty because I thoroughly tested it. Anymore I just don't deal with it.
I have several Leupolds that i am planning to sell soon. I have not settled on a price yet, but sure we can work something out if you are interested. Located near Burlington.
Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44 illuminated fire dot side focus. CDS has been used for 7mm Rem Mag. Excellent shaped, only been to range, no hunting

Leupold VX3i 4.5-14x50 CDS not used. Excellent shape, only been to range a few times

Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40 duplex. This one is brand new in box.

let me know if interested and we can figure out a price


PMA Member
Vortex is good value, but I also have three Nikon BDC (on a shotgun, muzzleloader, and 45-70) that I like a lot. The shotgun BDC scope is under $200 and I have had no issues at all. there is nothing a higher dollar scopes can do that this won't for my needs. It holds zero, pulls in enough light to use in any legal shooting hours and is good out past 200 yards. Other may be slightly clearer but the deer won't be any deader.

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