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my first post...


so i've fished my entire life. love it! summer, winter, rain or shine, i've spent many hours fishing. growing up, when i wasn't busy with sports, fishing was all i did. nobody in my immediate family or extended family was ever into hunting. i knew nothing about it. my, how things have changed over the last year and a half. a friend of mine introduced me to shed hunting two years ago. my first shed was barely recognizable. it had been chewed almost entirely, but it was enough to catch the fever. in 2009 i found a much nicer 48" 4pt., a very small 3pt. and a small matched set. a couple months later, i was given a hoyt legacy bow with a few arrows by a friend at work. it had been in the basement for a few years but was in great condition and actually fit me nicely. it was at this time that i came across iowawhitetail.com. after reading numerous threads and performing price checks in the area, i added a new site and rest, picked up a release and i began shooting as much as i could. it was a great feeling. i have learned so much and cannot thank the other members on this site enough for their information! i will be sure to add my stories and most importantly, my pics along the way! 2010 archery season here i come!


New Member
Sound familiar!

I had not hunted deer a single time in my life until I was asked to participate in a shotgun season during the 2000 season. I had so much fun that I began reading about and researching whitetail hunting obsessively. Within a year I had decided to look into archery hunting and became an avid lurker on this site. I researched archery hard for over 6 months before buying a bow. My first archery season was 2002.

You're going to love it. Set goals, set rules for yourself, and find a few buddies to share your new hobby. I can't tell you how much archery season has come to mean to me and my buddies/family.


New Member
Welcome!! This site is the one you should be on if you have questions, bragging rights, or just to have conversation with other people about something that we are all so excited for. Welcome again and have fun!!


Arrow Chucker

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