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My season is over!


PMA Member
Turkey #1
Iam a little late at the posting of the pictures.But i was not feeling overly confident going into the start of turkey season this year,i was hunting a new farm and didnt really know what to expect.I went out the four mornings leading up to opening day to try and locate some birds,it was not good.I found a few but they were scattered and never in the same place twice.In order to access one area of the farm i actually have to drive right in through a ladys driveway,so the evening before the season opener i saw her in the yard and stopped by to tell her that turkey season was opening,and that if she seen lights coming through in the mornings that it was just me going hunting.She proceded to tell me that they have been gobbling behind her house every day.Well my confidence just went way up.The next morning i got up and it was raining,WINDY and i couldnt find my turkey hunting chair so i just grabbed a full size folding chair.I got in just a touch late so i walked about 100 yards from my truck and owl hooted.Three toms were right on top of me.I ended up going another 100yards and decided to just setup right on the road going into the farm field.I started calling and the toms were fired up.It didnt take long and here came two of them on a string to the dsd jake and upright hen.I shot the first one and it flopped backwards into the brush,so i jumped out of the blind to get it and it was gone.I thought the shot was perfect so checked all the brushpiles and nothing.As i was checking out a big dozepile i found a great bloodtrail so i started following it,and following it,and following it,until i got to the property line.I had prolly gone about 150 yards,so i put my bow down at the fence and followed it another 100 yards and i could see my arrow in the turkey up under a washout in the creek.I snuck around closer and it started to try to run.Thats when i had to wrestle around in the mud for a little bit,but i ended up winning.I hit him right were the wing attaches to the body but never got much penatration.
It was a two year old tom,but it was the lightest turkey i have ever shot.We weighed it in at a whopping 14 pounds.
Please excuse the cheesy smile,i dont know what happened there.

Turkey #2
Well i spent the next week getting beat down by hunts just not working out.Except for going with my buddy(and landowner) and videoing him put the smackdown on a dandy tom opening day of 2nd season.
On the morning of the 24th i decided that i didnt want to pack the blind in so i just grabbed my decoys and went to one of the landowners lick creek blinds that we put there for deer hunting.As i was getting close to the blind i could hear a tom just over the hill gobbling so i put out decoys and settled in.The tom sounded real close and then he just shut up.I was looking out the window and actually saw him fly down into the ditch in the wrong direction,or so i thought.I kept calling some but he never made a peep once he hit the ground so i figured he must have seen me set up.Next thing i see is him coming over the hill right to the decoys.I didnt realize it at the time but when i put the decoys out they were right in line with the door of the blind,Which is fine except the window is alot smaller to shoot out of.I decided to take a picture with my phone and send to my buddys before i shot him.The rest is history.Lucky for me the landowner was on another part of the farm doing some scouting for me, so i didnt even have to walk back to the truck.This one weighed 21 pounds,had a 9 1/4 inch beard, and 3/4 inch spurs.Not a giant but i was happy to not have to get up the next morning.
Good luck to the rest of you still hitting it hard!


PMA Member
Way to get after em Joe! :way: That tail fan even looks tiny on that first bird. He must have been the runt! :D


I kinda like the cheesy smile Joe, I don't know if we've ever seen you smile in a harvest photo before. Congrats.


PMA Member
I will tell you that I took those pics and that he did have choices....there was even one with his standard favorite stone-face....but he chose the big smiler!! I guess that means he was happy (which he was), and as he shoulda been! Great hunts, shots, and persistence!!

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