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Need a Double Bull Matrix 360


PMA Member
Anyone selling? I do not want a Primos Dark Horse, I think they are junk. Original Dbl Bull 360 or nothing.Please let me know thru direct email or a phone call. [email protected] cell phone 701-866-5520

Limb Chicken

I'm not trying to change your mind either but I have owned one of just about every double bull blinds to come out with the exception of the t-2 and the darkhorse is the best of the bunch by a pretty wide margin.


New Member
I throw another vote up for the dark horse. My hunting partner has the T5, its alright, but I like the dark horse better!! Well worth the money if you ask me!!

What about the dark horse do you think is junk?


Active Member
The dark horse is the best by far. I have owned both and hunted out of them all and can't believe how much nicer the dark horse is than the 360.


A Few Steps Ahead Of You
i have hunted out of the Dark Horse and honestly see no reason to switch from my 360.

id go with the Matrix, especially if its cheaper!!



New Member
I love my 360 but have not yet hunted out of a Dark Horse so I can't compare. My reason for chiming in is that if you do change your mind, I was in Scheels today and noticed they had the DH for $350 on sale. Doesn't get much better than that and there's a handful of Scheels stores up in MN, they may be following suit. If the DH is as good or better, you can't go wrong with either one.


Active Member
Best price around can be had at Buck Hollow Sports. Boyd is the man to see. I disliked the Matrix and have yet to hunt out of my new Dark Horse. I realy like my older T5 and the similarities are many.

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