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Nets are for fishing:-)!


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I've been hunting a 160acre piece of ground down by Creston for well this is the 8th year. Have had some tremendous deer on camera, the first year (2012) I shot a 146.5" 8pt, 2nd year shot a 189" 24pt non-typical and both are great deer. Two years ago I was hunting a 5yr old 12pt that would've been pushing 200". The year before I was guessing him at ~180", just a massive stud of a buck. Well he up & vanished as have several of my bucks when they're hitting their prime of 5 or 6 years old. Unfortunately I don't own the land so unable to do some of the things that would make it into an absolute mecca of a big buck property.

Well two years ago I had a 3yr old 9 pt come in that I video'd for about 5 minutes. I would've guessed his score ~130" as a 3yr old. Thought he had some very good potential which he did as he showed back up last year as a 4 year old and my son and I were fortunate enough to find his sheds this past February. Brought them to the classic and had them scored. 137" and ~14" - 15" spread so low 150's 8pt. Very nice deer! Well he showed back up this year as a 5 yr old and letting deer get to 5 years old makes one helluva difference! He blew up even more and obviously the only deer I was hunting.

Well on Sunday morning the 18th, this guy showed up 20yds straight down wind of my stand (1000% believer in scentcrusher bags and ozonics!) and stood there for 20 minutes. Was thanking god just for allowing me to see such a magnificent creature and of course there were no shooting lanes where he appeared! After 20 mins of just panning the scenery all of the sudden he bolts 25-30yds straight ahead and I heard something running up behind him. A 3yr old 8 pt is chasing a doe right to where he was standing and it startled him. I'm thinking oh no, there goes my chance. Well in all the activity I lost sight of him in the woods and was looking at the other buck & doe. I'm trying to find him back when I heard him snort-wheeze and wow was it loud! Then he started posturing and moving back towards where the buck & doe were, ears pinned back, hair standing on his neck, so very cool to see. While he's working his way towards the other buck & doe I heard other activity all around me. I started looking around and I had deer in every direction surrounding me. The Snort-wheeze brought in bucks from every direction, surreal and so cool to see. Well, the big boy got within ~10yds of the 3yr old 8 and of course he didn't want anything do do with him and spun and high tailed it away. Big boy proceeded to make a scrape and rub some tree's for good measure. This is getting too long and sorry about that, anyway, I had this deer within 35yds of me for 45 minutes, went full draw on him three times and finally let an arrow fly on the 3rd draw. What got him in the end was a mature doe came and he couldn't resist going over to check her out which brought him into one of my openings at 25yds perfectly broadside. Due to the fact he was around for so long, I was able to calm my nerves, pick a spot, and make a lethal shot. He only when 40yds and piled up. Thrill & Hunt of a lifetime no doubt! Bottom line, if you can let them get to 5yrs old! He added ~30" from 4 to 5!!

As you can see in the scoring pic, 182 7/8" Gross 13pt, 172 6/8" Gross Booner 8pt! As the title says, Nets are for fishing:)!!


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Nets sure are for fishing! Well done, what a giant!!! 1 year growth absolutely yielded huge results! Great story & congratulations!!!!

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