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New CRP Farm

At 9 am this morning I sold my 122 acre Randolph County Farm. It was a bit bittersweet as i handed a match set of sheds I’d picked up this spring to the new owner.
10 am brought a new chapter as I purchased a 176 acre farm a few miles west of whickh 148 is enrolled in CRP. I peeled out of work at noon and got the tractor and brush hog moved to the new farm. To get to work. The farm has been neglected for several years and is in need of some love, which I am happy to oblige. As soon as the rain give me a break I have plant to butn down 10 acres with a gly/liberty/AMS/Soystick coctail. This fall will be a challenge learning what the deers habits are and hopefully train them to new ones with a welfare state buffet.

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Mowed 20-30’ around perimeter of CRP fields. Lots of tree sprouts in some areas. Im guessing gonna need a tree puller this winter.

Also, couple troublesome creek crossings as the ditch is DEEP. Previous owner neglected the farm obviously. I found a great workaround where two feeder ditches come together(that form the main ditch) and upstream from there was a pretty good spot for a crossing, but it was THICK with trees and posion ivy. Called up one of my customers with a dedicated forestry mulcher and he happened to be available. Worked out great and only took a couple hours.

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Doesn’t a person need to wait until after August 15 to mow CRP?

Congrats on the new place.

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