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Night Vision Scopes and handhelds


Life Member
I have several night vision scopes and a handheld I'd like to get sold.
Prices should be below what you see them for most anywhere online.
All new in box. An ATN, a sightmark HD and a sightmark 4K.


Staff member
Question for you gurus.... I like the idea of having a monocular to scan fields (Say for coyotes or even walking into a stand in the AM). Maybe the occasional use where a monocular could be used to recover a deer, etc.... PLUS...... It would be nice if you could mount on rifle to shoot coyotes with it.... SO..... Would anyone advise getting ONE that does both? It would have to mount on the rail of an AR of course & take it off for "non-shooting use" like I mentioned 1st.
If you buy just a monocular - you can do 1st part but not use as rifle scope. If you buy a dedicated scope, can't use it like a monocular. Would anyone advise trying to get dual use out of one OR would you avoid that & get 1 unit for monocular and 1 unit for rifle scope? THX!


Active Member
Im no guru!! But i have an atn 4k pro IR scope, dont have thermal yet.. most of the guys i know run a similar setup and use a handheld thermal monocular, (some have thermal scope and handheld) for 2 reasons mostly.. this is what they tell me- 1) its A LOT easier to scan with a handheld than it is to be down on the rifle the whole time. (I can attest to this, when im not with someone with a thermal handheld it is a bit of a PITA to be down on gun and scanning the whole time, and you cant really look behind or odd angles if your gun is connected to tripod) 2) unless you drop some serious dough on a really good thermal scope, actual identification of animals at further ranges can be difficult.. u can see their heat signature but differentiating a domestic dog, bobcat, racoon, coyote from one another is the hard part..
Again im no expert, just what ive seen/been told by those who could be called more of a expert than me lol..

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Active Member
Dog down

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Life Member
IR night vision definitely beats out Thermal for clarity of image (only the $6K thermals come even close)
You can get really good Quick detach and use a rifle scope for a handheld - just bigger and heavier than a dedicated Monocular


Active Member
The only dual purpose clip ones that I have seen were very expensive. It was thermal and not night vision though.

Up there, a top end night vision scope would be great especially with snow on the ground however, no snow and corn stubble and a thermal would be better.

I used NV and thermal for 10 years when I owned a hog hunting business. There are times when I would have preferred a NV scope and I shoot better with NV but there is no hiding from a thermal.

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