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Nov. 4th Success


PMA Member
November 4th was my best day in the woods in the last 4 years. I was positioned at the end of a long draw that shaped like a funnel that runs east west at the small end of the funnel. Past the end of the funnel is another draw running north and south that meets the end of the draw I was sitting in. Both these draws feed into a cut corn field. Hour and half left of day light deer started feeding there way out along the edge of the draw I was in and working passed me toward the corn. Eventually buck after buck of various sizes would do the same, all just barely out of range or no shooting lane. To back up just a bit, my dad text me earlier that day and said I needed more lanes in my tree because he didn't think I had enough. So I brought the Hooeyman pull saw with me. I snuck to my stand at about 130 p.m. The only branch I decided to cut was the one branch that allowed me to shoot 15 yards farther in an already existing lane, it was a fairly thick branch. It was low 70's, so I made it half way through in about 5 minutes and was starting to sweat, I seriously considered cutting the other half the next day so I didn't sweat so bad, I told myself, don't be ***** and just do it, so I finished the cut. About 15 minutes left of light, two 2.5 yr old wide 8 pts come busting back out of the corn chasing a doe hard. They were 100 yards from me just causing all sorts of crashing in the woods, as I'm looking back that way a big bodied deer snuck by me going the same direction, I thought I had missed my chance as he stood down there staring into the woods at all the ruckus. Then the ruckus came my way and the 8's chased the doe under my stand and back down into the timber again. Now I'm down to 5 min of light left and big boy finally gives up on going after the chase, turns and head back up the field edge along the draw heading my way. He gets into my shooting lane and I only had a shot because I finished that limb cut, shot him right through the heart at 25 yards. He ran 50 yards into the field and died in a few minutes. Love chasing these animals and have much respect for them. Now I'll be filming for my Dad the rest of the season. Good luck to those still in pursuit! Still haven't been able to figure out this photo thing on this site, I saved them in my 2016 Deer Hunting folder on my profile page.
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